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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crochet the Year Away

Sorry about that title - it rhymed and so I couldn't resist.

Here's my sis-in-laws Christmas present:

And now - an admission. I tricked ya'll. Mainly in order to trick my mother, who occasionally reads this blog. I said I was working on finishing 'Going to Market' for her. Well - I wasn't.

See, every year she always knows exactly what she's getting from me, and this year I wanted to surprise her. She's been wanting me to finish poor Betty Boop for years, and now I have!

It's also my end-of-year project; traditionally, in my family, you have to finish something on New Year's Eve (a craft project, a book, something) and start something on New Year's Day. So, my mother's Christmas present that I make is almost always her anniversary prezzie, too, because she got married on New Year's Eve.

So here's what she got - after I started it years ago, (I was still in high school!) realized I wasn't doing it right, (the website instructions were *really* vague, it should have been done in hdc - I think) got tired of it, and slung it in the back of the closet to quietly go insane...

How do you like my blocking technique? Lol - I leant someone my padded blocking board, so until I get it back, rough blocking is all I can do. She's a lil' wavy, but my single crochet always was. She'll straighten out nicely, and then be attached to a pillow case. She's just the right size.

All her little ends show through with the camera flash, but they don't show much in real life.

I can't tell you where you can get this pattern; I got it off a website back in 1998 or 99 - I can't remember. I have absolutely no idea where it was.

**EDIT** and Blogger's cutting off half the pics again, at least on my screen. I'll turn 'em into links later - I gotta go for now!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Finishes!

I finished some stuff!
(don't go into shock!)
First, my sister's wedding sampler. It's 'Fantasy Wedding Blessing' from Dragon Dreams, with the changes she wanted. Purple flowers, blue-sky fabric, and little dragons at the bottom.

Finished size: I didn't measure; about 7 x 13, something like that.
Fabric: some aida I dyed myself.
the little dragons at the bottom are the DD freebie 'Christmyth Wyvern', (his head only) with the colors my sister wanted. I'll scan them for a better look when I get my scanner working again.

Also, I've made some aprons for Christmas gifts:

I think the butterfly one is my favorite; it has two tall skinny pockets instead of two square or one rectangle. The aprons look a little odd, I guess, but it's just the way they're laying. None of them are actually deformed (like that top poinsetta apron... >.<)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Looking for Patterns!

I was web-browsing instead of stitching the other day (^___^) and I saw these patterns on someone's personal cross stitch site.
Sadly, it was in a language I don't read (I don't even know what language it was!) so I was hoping someone would know where I might find them?

I thought this one was Dimensions 'Elegance of the Orient' at first, but then I looked to be sure, and it isn't. Very similar, but Elegance isn't holding a parasol.

No clue at all as to this one:

Or this one:
**Edit** - found this one! Dimensions 'Splendor of the Orient'!
This one had a name after it that started with a 'V'. I thought I'd saved it, but apparently I didn't. **EDIT** It was Vervaco (thanks Sharon!) but I still don't know the name of the pattern.
If anybody can help, I'd really appreciate it!!!
Hope to post a finish, or at least a major update, tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Emo Bear in a Hat

Ahem. Yes.
So, this is the hat my brother-in-law was gonna pay $45 for. only, it's not blocked yet. I made it in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. With about $1 worth of yarn.

The purple is actually darker. Flash burn... But it has the squared-off earflaps and the neck flap that he wanted. It came out pretty nice, actually.

One prezzie down, about 7 to go!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The First Day of the Rest of My Month

It's December first - and once again, it's time for panicky fast stitching of Christmas goodies.
Hey, it's tradition!
At least for me... organization is a planet somewhere, right? Other side of Pluto...
Anyway, 'Going to Market' is supposed to be my Mum's gift. I have her officially 1/4 done now. Here's a piccie:

Her colors are absolutely gorgeous - they just glow, I swear! I can just sit and look at her...

I'm going to make my sister a couple pairs of these:

In different colors. A black pair and a pink pair, probably. Maybe a red pair, too. She'll also be getting her wedding sampler, that I showed in the last post. I only need a day or so to finish it.

Then, my new brother-in-law wants a crocheted hat with squared-off earflaps and sort of neck-flap cover thingie (that's the scientific name) in the back. He was gonna buy one, and I looked at it, and it was like $45... and I said 'I can make that.' I can too - I don't even need a pattern, it was so easy! For forty-five dollars!!! I ought to try and sell the darn things, really! I'll be making it in black and purple - his choice.

My brother got married on Thanksgiving Day - so now I have a new sister-in-law and my very first nephew! He's six and I'm going to make him an Indiana Jones plushie - he's nuts about Indiana. As for her - I have no idea what to make her. I'll think of something. My brother will be getting an Optimus Prime plushie. Trust me, he's just another big kid. I'll be making it to look like the cartoon/comic book character, not the new movie character.

My Da... I have no idea what to make him, yet. He loves crocheted skull caps (he sleeps in 'em in the wintertime, 'cause he's got no hair) but I've made him about six of the darn things. Hrmm... a dilemna...
So, that's what I need to get done in December. Oh, and my little 5x7 kit of the three Wise Men. I've worked on it a tiny bit, but I left it out in the car. There's four inches of snow out there and it's cold so I'll show of pic of it later! I've got until midnight on Dec 31st to finish it - if I'm gonna keep with my lil' tradition - but it's no big deal to me if I don't make it.