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Friday, September 4, 2015

Two More Rotation Turns

On August 25th, I picked up my Bent Creek Snappers to work on.

The project was here last time:

I got 'July Sings' done - the birds are supposed to be in a variegated blue floss, but I'm using the DMC conversion.  I didn't want them to be all the same color, though, so I used three shades of blue from the same color family, antique blue.  The two on either side look pretty much the same in the picture, but there's an obvious difference in real life.  They have black french knot eyes that also show up much better in person!

I didn't get much further - it was a busy time.  Only a little of 'August Rings', finishing up here:

This one will be turning up again soon.  I'm enjoying it, but at the same time, I'm just ready for it to be done.  I know, it has a big ol' hoop mark, but this one is definitely going to need a bath, anyway.

On August 30th, I picked up Gracie.  She did look like this:

I got one ribbon finished:

Then I got a lot more of her pink under-skirt done.  She finished up here:

With a more appropriate needle minder, lol!!!  (The one in the second picture was 'Dracula'!)