My Huge Work in Progress List!


Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Sorry, today was the last day of rotation, not yesterday.

Here's my lovely progress!

Now I'm going back to my focus piece, which is My Day Off.  Here's my current position and I'll be back in five days!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

So I Have Not Posted in Forever.

And I apologize.
But here's a post 😀

So I started off the year as usual. New Year's Day start:

And then I joined every SAL ever.

And then I un-joined.  I'm going to try being sensible.

ONE SAL. Just one. And a nine project limit SAL, at that.  Instead of being crazy.  Even though I still plan to work on whatever calls to me.

I'm not doing this no new starts in 2019 thing At All.  No worries there. I am still doing 'finish two to start one' and currently, I could start 6 projects. I'm halfway to being able to start seven.

I'm also sleepy and rambling.

The SAL I stuck with is an Instagram one, #stitch9challenge.  (I'm @tamastitches on Instagram if you want more frequent updates).

Here's the first project and my starting point. Its turn is over tonight so I'll hopefully remember to post here tomorrow.

Thanks to anyone who still looks at this poor, neglected blog. See you soon!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Two More!

Hi guys!

So for May I thought I'd try just one project - ONE - because I need to do a fairly intricate baby layette, too. So I'm working on 'My Day Off' and getting nowhere fast.  I'll show you guys my progress at the end of the month.  Meanwhile, I don't think you've seen these two finishes!

'Portrait of Christ' and the Bent Creek Snappers both got done and framed while I wasn't posting. The Snappers aren't actually fastened in the frame yet - they were a present for my Mum and while I was waiting for some framing supplies to come in, she absconded with it and I haven't gotten around to stealing it back to frame properly 😁😁😁

Also, first post from a phone so I hope it looks o.k.

Back soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Some Other Finishes

Here's some more of the finishes I did when I wasn't posting.

'A is for Anchor' by The Prairie Schooler

These two aren't entirely new but I did finally get around to putting the names on them.

'Many Moons'

All of those three are from Gloria and Pat 'Precious Moments' books, Vol 1 and Vol 2, to be exact.  I gave them to my Mum for her anniversary and we're just waiting to find the right frame - we want to frame them all in one long frame.

I'll be back with more of these, too, when I figure out what I have and haven't posted!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Better Late Than Never! YoW Update for April

Sorry this is a little late - it took a ridiculously long time to update my album in the Facebook group!

Okay, so - no pics of projects that I didn't work on, but here's what I did get done:

Three Kings - before:


 January - before:


Lucky Fish - before:

One fish done, the words done, and started both the other two.

Sunset Birds - before:

I'm further into it, although not done with the section yet.

Lovers - before:

Added 1000+ stitches

Rose Bouquet - before:

This has taken over the 'purse kit' spot and now looks like this:

Acquainted with the Night - before:

Got more endless blues and greys done:

I also have a tiny bit of snow to do and Frosty Forest #2, Raccoon Cottage, will be done but... I LOST it.  How do you lose a project that big?!  Actually, I think I may have properly put it away and that's why I can't find it now.  Sheesh.  I'll find it and finish it up - really, like one needle-full of floss! and it'll be done! and then I'll post it.

Some others got a few stitches done, but that's really about it.  Not a hugely productive time but I finished two so I'm satisfied.

Also, I did have a birthday in March and that meant a free birthday start (I'm sticking with 'finish two to start one' and have three 'earned' starts that I haven't used yet).  I got this Riolis kit earlier this year:

And I did this very small start, and haven't worked on it since:

Riolis kits usually have a wool/acrylic super-fine yarn instead of floss.  I've always hesitated about getting one because I'm allergic to wool, but I, hmm, possibly may have gotten some white cotton glove liners, which are like super, super thin, flimsy gloves, and stitch with those on.  Probably, I look like a twit, but I can stitch the pretty Riolis things, so I don't care.

Later, my dearies - I'll post some more finishes soon! (things I finished when I wasn't posting!)


Monday, April 16, 2018

Hobby Lobby Sale!

Hey all! I know I didn't do a post last month like I said I would - sorry about that! I'll have one up on the 18th or thereabouts, though. I have TWO finishes to show you ☺

In the meantime, didya know Hobby Lobby has a huge amount of kits on clearance? You should go if you can!

Behold - my haul!



Like I needed more kits, right?  But I did not care at all.  I took a jar of change I had been saving and swapped it for a $50 bill, and told myself I would not go over that.  Spent $50.09, so I lied.  Ha!

Back on the 18th with my progress for YOW!


Monday, February 19, 2018

Year of Wips One Month Update!

Lots of pictures ahead!

So for the first month of YoW, I worked at least one needle-full of floss on every project.  I was going to do that every month, but I've decided not to - it was super fun, but I don't think I can consistently work on that many projects in a month without blowing a brain-fuse XD

So, next round - it won't be all in one month, unfortunately - I'm going to get a 'goal' done on each project, using a rotation.  My two focus pieces, which are currently 'January' and 'My Day Off', will be in the rotation more often, but I'm going to go through each project.

Hey, let's play a game! (not the horror kind, lol!) See if you can spot the few stitches I did on some of these!  I'll put where they are and what my goal is for each project under the update picture.

1.  January

As it was at the beginning of YoW (Jan 18):

As it is now:

This one's pretty obvious as to what I've added, and my first goal is to finish that house and the trees around it.  I'd actually like to completely finish this in February or the first week of March.

2. My Day Off

As it was:

As it is:

Fair bit of progress on this one; my next goal is to finish the little scattered bits on the window shutter and do the teapot full of flowers.  My ultimate goal, by March 18th, is to have her 1/4 done.

3. Laundry Day

As it was:

As it is:

All I did was finish up the strand of yellow.  I don't know if this one will get any love next time, it's only supposed to be a purse kit and will get all kinds of love when it gets put in my purse :D  This is the only one that doesn't have a needle-minder right now - I have one with it, but not on it. So silly.

4. Teacup Kitten (or Sleepy Kitten, I can't ever remember the proper name)

As it was:

As it is:

I finished the bottom of the vase and did the tiniest bit of the table.  Next goal is to backstitch the daisies and stitch more table.

5.  Angel of Hope

As it was:

As it is:

Ick, flash burn!  I did two needle-fulls of white floss.  All the white on her bodice and some on the left-side wing.  Next goal, hmmm - maybe finish up her sleeve and get the wings to equal status?

6. Three Kings

As it was:

As it is:

This one took 'Friendship Keepsake's place as my current purse kit, so it got a nice bit done!  My goal is to keep working 'til it's done!

7.  Welcome Guests

As it was:

As it is:

One needle-full of pink.  My goal will probably be to stitch one of the roses.

8.  Archangel

As it was:

As it is:

This one is hard to see - I finished off the white floss that was on the needle, then did a strand of over-one skin.  I'm going to give this one a big goal - finish up the scroll and half of his chest and stomach.

9.  Acquainted with the Night

As it was:

As it is:

Finished up some blue that was in the needle, then did another needle-full of lighter blue.  It's still in the frame because I want to keep going - my goal is to finish up all the background in this area, back stitch the horse's bridle, and then work a few more columns of background.  I'm re-designing the bridle to look like a real one, as the chart's was pretty much nonsense.

10.  Footprints in the Sand

As it was:

As it is:

Difficult to see again, but I finished all the lighter green that was in the needle.

11.  Chang Wufei

As he was:

As he is:

I did two needle-fulls of dark blue on his torso.  My goal is going to be something like 1,000-1,500 stitches as it's difficult to pick a single area of his shirt.

12. Voice of Spring

As she was:

As she is:

I did two needle-fulls of the dark pink on her skirt. Or finished one and did another, I guess.  Her goal will be to finish up her skirt and back stitch the top part of her dress.

13. Sunset Birds

As it was:

As it is:

Apologies for the blurry picture.  I did one needle-full of off white on the crane and one of pink in the flowers.  My goal will be to finish the current 'block' which will be block H as per this picture:

14.  Lucky Fish

As it was:

As it is:

I did a whole evening on this one - it was mindless and fun :D  My goal will be to finish the first red fish.  Also, I found a really bad picture of this one online:

I'm excited to get this one done and try soaking the ink off! 

15. Unspoken

As it was:

As it is:

I did a whole needle-full of one color, lol!  My goal will be to finish up the columns I'm working in now.  Also, this one is really, really dirty and needs a bath.  I couldn't believe how dirty it was and that teaches me to take a HAED to work with me!

16.  Santas of Fable and Fantasy

As it was:

As it is:

I did some Santa-beard.  My goal will be to finish the first Santa.

17. Rose Bouquet

As it was:

As it is:

I did a needle-full of white daisy.  No goal for this one as it is a purse kit.

18.  Live Simply

As it was:

As it is:

The last of the purse kits and the one that got the least amount of work on it.  I only finished off the orange that was in the needle.

19. Flower of the East

As she was:

As she is:

I worked on her fan.  Two needle-fulls, I think.  My goal will be to finish the fan and all the half-cross beneath it.

20.  Lovers

As it was:

As it is:

I got 1500 stitches done on this one and I'll have at least 1000 more as my next goal.

21. Savannah Birth Record

As it was:

As it is:

More green stripes behind the giraffe done.  There is no half cross in this one - it is all full crosses.  My first goal will be to completely finish the giraffe block and backstitch it, then finish the stitching for the middle block.

22. Frosty Forest

As it was:

As it is:

I'm working away at Block 2, Raccoon Cottage.  Each block has variegated thread, and I thought it was the main house, but it's the roof, the inside of the windows, and the blank bits of the door that are variegated.  That's why those aren't done yet.  The house is actually done in little blocks of two different colors.  This is so pretty and the white shows up so much better in real life!  My goal is to finish the block I'm on, and hopefully by the end of February.  There's a lot more stitching in the house blocks than the other blocks.

23. Friendship Keepsake

As it was:

As it is:

Finished, of course :D :D :D

So I am hoping to get all of these goals done by the end of March maybe.  But at least most of the goals!  I will be back with an update on March 18th,  but I'll post some more of my finishes and maybe stash? that you guys haven't seen yet!

Have a lovely day!