Monday, January 15, 2018

Year of WIPs 2018

Hi all!

I am not dead!  Neither is my stitchy-bug!  I just lost interest in updating my blog for some reason.

So I will do a post of things I've finished since my last post, things I've started, and maybe a few things I've bought?

But for now, I am going to post my Year of WIPs pieces!  Year of WIPs is hosted on Soulful Stitching on Facebook - you have to join the group and sign up for it before the 18th of January.  No new starts, WIPs only, and a minimum of 10.  The goal is to finish at least half of them by the end of the year.  Most people are doing 18 or more.

Mine is 23!

So here goes:

1. 'Voice of Spring' by Gloria and Pat, on 14ct white

2. 'Angel of Hope' by Lavender and Lace, on 32ct charcoal

3. 'Welcome Guests' by Janlynn, on 16ct tan

4. 'Archangel' by Mirabilia, on 32ct 'Thunderstorm'

5. 'Santas of Fable and Fantasy' by Cross Stitch and Country Crafts, on 28ct Wheat

6. 'Sunset Birds' - printed kit from China, on 11ct with the background printed.

7. 'Lovers' by Nene Thomas and HAED.  On 22ct cream

8. 'Friendship Keepsake' by Sunset, on 14ct pink

9. 'Chang Wufei' by me, on 16ct blue

10.  'Flower of the East' by James Himsworth and Dimensions, on 28ct antique white

11. 'Savannah Birth Sampler' by Dimensions, on 14ct white

12. 'Unspoken' by Adele Lorraine and HAED, on 22ct white

13. 'Frosty Forest' by Country Cottage Needleworks, on 32ct Silvery Moon

14.  'Rose Bouquet' by Charmin, on 14ct white

15. 'Acquainted with the Night' by Design Works, on 14ct white

16. 'January' by The Prairie Schooler, on 32ct Lambswool

17. 'My Day Off' by Design Works, on 14ct white

18.  'Lucky Fish', another printed kit from China.  It didn't come with a picture.  On 11ct white.

19.  'Live Simply' by Dimensions, on 14ct white

20. 'Three Kings' by Gloria and Pat, on 14ct oatmeal

21.  'Teacup Kitten' by World of Cross Stitch, on 28ct blue

22. 'Laundry Today' by Dimensions, on 14ct white

23. 'Footprints in the Sand' by Leisure Arts, on 28ct mushroom

And that's my list!  If I can get half of these done, I will be THRILLED!

So, sorry I've been gone so long, and I'll try to be better!  At least I will need to update monthly :D :D :D


Monday, June 20, 2016

A Boat and the Next 'A' Project

So I said I was going to finish this boat:

I totally finished that boat:

Yay!  The number that shows through on the white is supposed to vanish when I soak it after it's done.

This is the next section I will be working on for 'Sunset Birds':

I've already done a few of the pink areas but I didn't do enough to take a picture.

Next up in the rotation was an Alphabet turn, and next on that list is 'A Whole Lotta Latte'.  This was a Crazy January start, I think.  It might have been a Birthday start.  Anyway, I barely got any done and this was more than two years ago.


So this turn I finished up the top coffee cup! Whoo hoo!  It's very bright and pretty - the main yellow, pink and green flosses are almost neon bright.  Love it!  It does still need the backstitching, though.

Next is a free turn - I'm starting something new!  But it's tiny, so I think it will be done within a day or two.  I'll show it to you next post - if I do get it done that fast, I'll work on 'Sunset Birds' for the other days of my turn.  Then it's back to the Alphabet list :D

This has been so fun so far!

Happy Stitching, darlings!


Friday, June 10, 2016

'A is for Anchor' - B is for Boat?

Prairie Schooler's 'A is for Anchor' has an anchor! and a boat! and a giant bird!

I got a lot more done this turn than I did the last one.  This is now halfway done :D

Next is a free turn - I get to stitch whatever I want and what I want is 'Sunset Birds'.  Another little boat!

Next time you see it, this little boat will be done! I am determined :D

I didn't get any more of my China kits out to take more pictures - I will get to the rest of them soon.  I have several small ones on their way to me - the ones that cost $3-$5 and are so cute!  Maybe those will be the next ones I show.

I am also working on updating the old page I had showing every single one of my WIPs and UFOs. It's kind of nice to be deleting several that are finished now.  But tough getting them all in alphabetical order with updated WIP pics XD

Back in a few days - Happy Stitching!


Monday, June 6, 2016

A HAED, A DGC, and a Rotation Change

So!  I forgot to post my last start in Stitch Maynia.  Or the progress on it, I mean :D

This is Regal Tiger, a Dimensions Gold Collection:

And here's where I got.  I really don't like doing that dark color! Six strands - talk about sore fingers!!! But I got almost all of that area done - I took turns with it and the other colors.

So that ends Stitch Maynia!

Now, after Stitch Maynia I got to thinking about all the new starts and all my old starts and I sat down and looked at all my pictures from lately and years ago, too.  I counted them all up and nearly fell over.  I am not about to admit the total, but it was high.  Much higher than I thought.  Not anywhere near Ms Linda or those other brave people doing the Year of Starts, but still!

Some of them, too, have not been worked on in years.  By which I mean, ten years or maybe even longer.  One of them I started in High School and it hasn't been touched since.  Holy cow...  And I'll admit that recently I've been saying 'wow, I should get that back out' a lot.

So - rotation rearrange - I'm getting them back out.  The lot of 'em.  I put them all in alphabetical order and I'm keeping the five days for each project, but I'm going to do it like this - 1st turn, whatever I want.  2nd turn, next on the alphabet list.  3rd turn, whatever I want.  4th turn, whatever's next on the list.  And so on, ad infinitum.

First turn this time was 'Unspoken', my HAED - I really wanted to get back to this.  I've given up - for now - on the 'rows instead of columns' idea - it just wasn't working for me.  I thought I'd try what a lot of people are doing for the HAED facebook challenge and finish off my page 2 one color at a time.  So I did a whack of 762.  Not all of it, but about three columns worth and a teeny bit of other colors (from before I made the decision).

Here's as it was:

And as it now is:

Next turn (which I'm working on now) is A is for Anchor.  The first of my alphabetized list!  Here's where I left it:

I'm hoping to make a big ol' lot of progress :D  It's already going quite well!

A little stash before I go - here's yet another great big China kit.  I think this is last of the truly huge ones that I have.

It's only called 'Garden' on most of the listings.  I have seen it called 'Cottage Garden', though, so that's what I'm going with.  It has slightly fewer pages than the last few:

Twenty total.  This one is immensely popular - I've seen it on a lot of flosstube videos and blogs, but only in the small size.  I got the BIG size - go big or go home! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Here's what came out of the package:

And it opened up to show the floss:

It's all sorted, just folded over on itself.  There are 44 colors.

And here's the fabric!  This one just makes four feet long.  It's going to be so pretty!  But it's also solid stitching XD

I really, really could never buy anything again and still have more to stitch than I could possibly finish before I die.  That didn't stop my from going to JoAnn's today and buying a pile of floss.  I had a one-day only 4 DMC for $1 coupon.  I also got some McCall's patterns that were on sale, a World of Cross Stitch magazine and a new Q-Snap frame.  The only good thing about so many doctor's appointments is that my new doctor is only 5 minutes from JoAnn's!!!

Happy Stitching, dears!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Purse Kits Progress

I meant to do this last week - I really did!

These first ones are the two projects that are riding about in my two different bags (only one is actual 'purse' size).  I have two different part time jobs and I need different stuff for each one, so I just put a project in each bag.  Sometimes, the smaller bag goes in the bigger bag, too, but oh well XD.

Fizzy Moon 'Friends' is riding around in one since I finished 'Love, Love, Love'.  It did look like this after its Maynia turn:

Now it looks like this:

Nearly done!

Next is my 'Live Simply' kit by Dimensions:

Last time I showed it, it looked like this:

And I've made pretty good progress on it for something that might get 15 minutes a day!

And here is one you guys have not seen before (I think) - I was going to a doctor about 15 minutes away, once every month or so, and sitting in her waiting room for about an hour.  I had a little purse I took with me only then and this kit was in it.  It is 'Coffee Chalkboard' by Janlynn.

Sorry about the orts in there - didn't notice them until I had uploaded the pic!  Here's how far I got with it before I switched doctors - last month?  Yes, in April.  It has not been worked on since, because I was taking 'Love, Love, Love' with me to the new one.

I will say that there is stitching on the chart that is not in model picture, and stitching in the model picture that is not on the chart.  So I'm picking what I like and leaving out what I don't :D  This one is going to be my 'to-the-doctor' kit again, though, because 'Love, Love, Love' is done!  I finished it up on April 26th.  Here's how it looked:

And the last row finished it off!  Now it just needs a bath and to be ironed before I start saving up for framing :D

It still makes me think of the Beatles song!

I was going to post about these kits once a week but I think I will make it once a month - I don't know if I will actually have progress on any of them once a week.  My new doctor is an hour and a half away (but so much better), but I can't stitch in a moving vehicle on curvy roads and only the last half hour is on the four-lane.  I live in the boonies, you know!  And once I get there, I rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes (so nice!)

I'll do my best to remember to post about these next month - someone remind me if I forget!

Happy Stitching!