My Huge Work in Progress List!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've Been Busy

Well, busy for me, anyway!

My Retro Kat now looks like this:

I'm lost in a sea of green background! This would have been such a simple little piece if I hadn't decided to stitch the backgrounds... ah, well. They'll be cute. I have to finish the other side, stitch several rows of snow at the bottom, do the border, backstitching, and give him little bead eyes.

And I've worked on Spike!
Here's how he did look:

And here's how he looks now. He's looking at me, I swear! It's kind of creepy, especially from across the room. You may need to click the picture to see his eye. Blogger trims my pics down for me sometimes.

(This is my CG pattern of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, by the way.) Of 10,000 stitches, he is now officially at 3,195 (I think.)

I've also been knitting! See Amy, I told you, you're inspiring me!
This is my Tom-Baker-era Doctor Who scarf - the last time I posted a pic, I think I was about halfway through the second row of purple. It's only deformed from laying on the well-stuffed back of my couch!
I have made one mistake - you can see the, uh, nubs? of purple through the first block of tan. I counted wrong somewhere. All those nubs should all be on one side. There's no way I'd ever pull this out, though! Not by the time I realized it!

Let's see... (gasp, gasp)
I also worked on my color-wheel ripple afghan. I'm up to the second colorway. I used a different shade of orange and yellow this time. I think they show up better. I don't know how big this one will be; it's only meant to go over the back of a chair, not to actually cuddle up under.

And I made a couple more aprons! Forgive the wrinkles!

The End!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Invisible Magi

I've gotten a bit more work done on my Magi - this is the little kit that goes with me in my purse for the occasional spare moment of time. I had one invisible Magi done:
Now I have two invisible Magi! :D

I also started the wedding/anniversary project I posted about last time:
The green is already never-ending :D I was hoping to get the first cluster of leaves done before its 'time-in-rotation' was done, but it just kept going on and running into more leaves. So this is it. On to Spike and Fred!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Work on a UFO, plus other stuff.

One of my March goals was to get at least 100 stitches done on a UFO.
I have LOTS of UFO's, from when I first started stitching - I would only work on one thing at a time, but I'd get bored and put it away for months (and usually lose it). Then when I got interested again, I'd buy something new. They are almost all kits.
Anyway, this is the one I chose. 'Pray Without Ceasing' by Janlynn. It's supposed to be for my mum - you know, someday.
Here's what I had done:

I remember putting it away because 1.I had made a mistake and couldn't figure it out.. and 2. the chart was really difficult for me at the time. So when I got it out this time, I had to hunt the mistake, rip it out, and then I decided to stitch all the 951 on the baby's face. So I got a bit more than 100 stitches done, counting what I ripped out and redid. Here's my small bit of progress:

Doesn't it look like the baby's ear is on backwards? Weird! But there will be darker skin tones around the light stitching.
By the way, I still think this chart is kinda tough. The skin bits almost look computer-generated.
But for now, I am happy and back it goes in the UFO drawer. Next month I'm going to work on a differnt one. Then when I get my next big project completed, I'm going to ressurect one of those UFO's completely. I haven't decided which.
I also have to start something new. This is totally against my plan for this year, BUT - I was going through patterns with my mum, asking her opinion on a wedding sampler to stitch for my brother (he got married on Thanksgiving last year) and we came across this kit I've had, unopened, for several years.
Now, this is totally NOT my brother's type of thing, and I doubt it would be my sister-in-law's either.

However, my mum feels that my aunt and uncle would love it ~ and this year is their 35th wedding anniversary. So my mum said she'd pay me to stitch it. O_O
It's 16x12 inches, so I'm starting it now. And maybe it'll be done for Christmas like she wants it... I'm not the best at sticking with things!!!
Oddly enough, this is also a Janlynn kit, but the chart is MUCH easier!
I told my mum she doesn't have to pay me, of course - I was just so surprised that she offered!
I still need to find a sampler for my brother, though :D
I've also been sewing more aprons - I had a big order.
The mauve one on the top, far left, is my favorite - it's very subdued and pretty in real life. I made two, but the other has mauve pockets. The blue jean one was made out of an old jumper of my sister's. Cute, yeah? It says 'Love' in that heart, and the straps and made from the polka-dot butterfly fabric. The person who wanted a blue-jean apron didn't want a pocket. The ones made of the same fabrics are different sizes or have different styles of pockets.
I had fun making these.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Goals and a Finish

I finished 'Cold Hands, Warm Heart'!
I went a couple hours past Feb 28th, but oh, well. I stitched the birds in the blue and white the pattern called for, didn't like it, took them out and did them in pink and blue. I think they're adorable :D

Pattern: Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Barbara Ana
Size: 6 x 6 inches
Fabric: Blue aida
I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow, with daylight. The camera flash and scanner both burn out the white. It shows up much better in real life.
So, February goals:
1. Start Mighty Samurai (done)
2. Work on Chang WuFei (done)
3. Work on Fred (only a couple stitches)
4. Finish Cold Hands, Warm Heart (done at 2am March 1st)
5. Maybe work on Achoo! if Fred's goal is met (didn't happen)
and March goals:
1. Work on Fred
2. Work on 'Achoo!'
3. Finish 'Retro January Kat'
4. Work on Spike or WuFei
5. Choose a UFO to get at least one 10x10 block of stitches completed