My Huge Work in Progress List!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Girls with Guantlets

I stitched two!

She-Ra and Rinoa

She-Ra is quite sparkly; I used gold metallic in her costume for the fun of it. Well, the fun of the results. Stitching with that stuff is not fun. As always, Sprite patterns are by Missy.

I joined a short SAL for HAED designs, and finished up the 310 on my current page of Rapture. I started on the 902, but didn't get all that far. I also did some stitches of the more random colors, like the barely-visible pinkish stitches at the top. Still looks like it has some sort of skin disease. This is the most confetti-ed HAED I've started yet.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Little Bits of Fred

I did a little bit of Frederick the Literate.
A small gold book, a smaller amount of shelving, a little bit of cat-bum (mostly black) and thirteen stitches on a bird's head.
Oooooooooooh, amazing!


I also finished up the red-fabric stocking experiment.


I think it looks okay, and I do want to try another on red, but I'm going to try and find one with no burgundy on it, or at least not burgundy backstitching against the red.

I'll be working on Rapture for the next few days, starting this evening. It's a HAED SAL on this board.

Um... does anyone know why my followers don't show up any more? I tried deleting and replacing the gadget, or whatever it's called, but it didn't work. I have more followers now and I don't even know who you guys are. If the list ever shows up again, I'll check your blogs out!
Apparently moving the 'Followers' to the top of the page made you guys show up... go figure...

Monday, August 22, 2011


I had a really busy weekend, since I always work on Saturday & Sunday.
I didn't get much done, but for some reason I feel like I did. Go figure.

Here's Ice Wind's progress; the orange highlighted bits are what I did for IHSW.
I finished all the blue except for some confetti around the edges. All the blue on page one, that is. I did get a few stitches down onto page two. I also finished up the white in her hair and moved on to... pink. I love HAEDs. The colors are so weird, yet they look so good.

I tried out a stocking on red. It looks pretty good in real life. The white and green stand out very brightly, but the burgundy backstitch at the top looks brown.
I can live with that.

Remember a few posts back I said I thought I remembered an old kit with a carousel horse? Well, I did remember one. Found it, too!

And the sad wee bit I had done.
This is now my oldest WIP/UFO since I finished up the Daily Bread one.

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's what I bought at the HAED sale :D
Cardinal Song

Divide the Sky

Guardian Angel

I spent all the money I had saved for bidding on another Hawk Run Hollow pattern, but I don't mind. I've actually started some HAEDs; Hawk Run, not so much. Ah well, someday!

...y'know, I just realized all of these are guys with wings (and one girl... I don't think she has wings, though.)

Hope you all had a great weekend; I'm off to check out blogs!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chivalry is Dead

I had run out of patterns for Missy's cute Sprites, but she helped me out by posting four that I had to stitch - two girls and two guys.

The guys insisted on going first. Hence the name of this post.

He-Man and Squall . They may be small, but they were huge amounts of fun to stitch :D


IHSW is this weekend! Yay! I plan to get Ice Wind out and work on her, since the new page came out and I haven't even finished the first yet. If you haven't signed up for International Hermit & Stitch Weekend, you should!

Did anyone have a blackout and wake up to find they had spent money at the HAED sale? It wasn't just me... was it? I only bought a little! I'll show you which next post.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Stocking #12 is done.


It's a lovely wee cardinal.
I changed only one thing on this one (yes, the weird claw is all the pattern's fault) The berries were supposed to be outlined in dark green; I decided this was a printing error since it looked hideous. So I redid them in blue.

I also worked on my boat sampler a little; the red floss hasn't been used in a very long time, as you can see from when I unwound it. I used to always wind the leftover lengths around the skien paper before I discovered bobbins. Sometimes I still do. Anyway, it was very curly.


Please pardon the messy bookshelves and the fireplace missing a tile. I never said I was neat. Or that I knew how to glue tile. :D
'Cause I ain't.
And I don't.
And yes, there is a stuffed penguin on my mantle. It's not supposed to be there, but it has been for several weeks.

Here's the progress, such as it is. A little bit of sails, some backstitching, some flags.


I thought, after using Rustico for a couple of my stockings, that it would be intersting to stitch some on red and green. I had some red, but no green. A quick trip to eBay netted me these:


All for $1.29. Eight pieces, 12x18, and an extra dark brown as a bonus.

It's been a good mail week. I got this for free from a book-swap site... A project for January, when it will be cold and I will need some :D


And since this post could have been titled 'Everything but the Kitchen Sink', I'll add a note that I had more fun with blog pages and made a Wishlist page. It's up top.

Now, since my actual Kitchen Sink is full of dishes, I really must be going. I have to find some other way of avoiding washing them!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not a Lot of Progress

I finished another stocking


This is #11, which means I have 4 left to finish this year's goal of half the kit, though if I get those done, I plan to keep plowing through them.

Rapture, however, did not get nearly as much time as I had hoped to give it. It looks like it has mange.


I did finish up all of the 3371 and a lot of the black, but there's plenty to go, and this is still the first page...

As a side note, have I mentioned how much I love, love, love my fabric marker?

'Cause I do.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Pretty Little Sprites

I stitched Selphie and Tifa.


Both are by Missy.

Now I am sad, because I am out of Sprite patterns. I'm sure it will just be temporary! I'm going to work on another of Missy's patterns, some tiny Mudkips, for now.