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Monday, September 30, 2013

An Afghan Update

I posted quite a while back that I wanted to try and make an afghan for each of my immediate family members this year, as their Christmas present - the total was eight afghans.

Well, like my usual plans, I ran into issues.  Mostly it was the trouble with my arm, which is much better than it was but still is giving me some grief.

I tried to keep crocheting a little bit at a time, but I finally had to just give it up, cold turkey, for a while.  I started back up on September the first and I tackled the granny-square blocks for my baby nephew first.  I had them done, they just needed to be sewed together and a border put around them.

Did the sewing together:

 photo blocks_zpsd15bad4f.jpg

And finished it with the border somewhere around the middle of September.  So, I finished one out of eight, lol!

 photo block2_zps68ef76a7.jpg

What I am going to try to do is finish the afghans that I have started, which will make one per couple - two siblings and their spouses, and Mom & Dad.  Then one for each of my nephews, so five afghans.  One down, four to go!

This one is for my sister in law to begin with, now my brother & her's.  It took seven strips, and I had four done.  Now I have all seven done and I am crocheting them together.  They are not whipstitched like the granny blocks - they have a very interesting joining technique.  I have two together and am working on the next two.  The first two took me about an hour, so I'm hoping the rest go more quickly!  Then two rows of single crochets all the way around, and it's done.

 photo diamonds_zpsd76f5be7.jpg

And the one that was for my other sibling Tavi is over halfway done now.  It is even further than this pic, which I took maybe two days ago?  Four of seven pattern repeats are done now:

 photo alis_zpsbcb93d65.jpg

And I'm also working on my mother's choice of afghan; it is currently being taken everywhere with me because it's only about a foot wide and five or so feet long - it looks like a big scarf.  I will show a picture of it soon!

That leaves my other nephew's afghan, and I couldn't find the shade of grey yarn that I needed.  I found pale grey, dark grey, medium grey, but no medium-light grey.  So, there came a box from Herschner's:

 photo yanbx_zpsfe0274ee.jpg

And lovely yarn was in it!  Perfect shade of grey - there are five 8oz skiens in there.  The red yarn is for the afghan my Dad wanted because I am eternally hopeful that time will stop for about three months and let me actually finish all eight!  But I'm not holding my breath!

 photo y_zps3719b996.jpg

The floss in there is for my eternally-continuing kitting up of HAED patterns, of which I thought I would show you more from the layaway:

Iris by Law

 photo iris_law_zpsc5e92658.jpg

This is one that someone already stitched - looks fabulous!

 photo iris_law_1_zpsf6e50ce6.jpg

And I knocked another Hannah Lynn of the list - this one is Felicia:

 photo felicia_zpsc4a1c6bb.jpg

There was no stitched version or mock-up of her, but Hannah Lynn's always look really good.

Back with more soon!  I have some actual, oh my goodness, stitching to show :D

Friday, September 27, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Almost Late! September IHSW

I was planning to post around nine this morning, but I got a call at 7:45 from my supervisor saying she felt 'so sick' and could I be there to open up at 8:00?  Um - no, it takes me 12 minutes to drive if I floor it, and you just woke me out of a sound sleep - I cannot get ready for a full day's work in three minutes!

So she went and opened and I got there about 8:20 and she's on the phone chattering away - ARGH!  Seemed fine until someone would say 'I thought you were sick' and then it was moan and groan.  I was almost amused.  She finally got off the phone and left at 9:30.

Oh well.  I can use the hours.

Anyway - enough about my complaining!!!  Here is Nostlagy last IHSW:

 photo nostAug_zps41547c3f.jpg

And my progress - I nearly finished her hair.  Would have, if I didn't end up having to frog because of three little stitches... and I ended up having to frog them twice (it included the stitches around them).  First time they were too far over.  Fixed it, but then realized that they should have been a row higher, too.  Bleh.

 photo nostSEPT_zpsf7d48106.jpg

I still had fun, though!  Next time around I WILL finish up her hair and get back to the leaves.