My Huge Work in Progress List!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HAED Closing?!


I've seen on a lot of blogs in the last day or two that HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) is considering closing down because of copyright infringement, although I haven't seen any notice on the actual site.

That's horrible, because even though I own waaaaaaaaaaaay too many of those patterns, there are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many more that I want!  Even scraping my list down to the minimum, there are about thirty (yikes!)  Mostly Marta Dahlig, Adele Sessler, and Laura Prindle.

So a lot of people are getting together for a HAED appreciation week - it's on facebook, which I don't have, so I just decided that, even though I have quite a few HAEDs on layaway right now, that I'd go and get one more just to help out a bit, just in case!!!

I've also been seeing this girl on a lot of blogs, and my sis the Goth Chick really likes her, oddly enough.  So even though she's not really my usual, I bought Hannah Lynn's QS Clara:


I won't be starting her until next year at the soonest, but I wanted to show some support!

PS - Although I don't know if there will be a Freebie SAL in 2013 if the site were to close, now is a good time to sign up at the HAED Bulletin Board (the link is on the main page of the HAED site) so you can join if there is one!  They close down taking in new members on the BB just before the sign-up is posted, and I think it was in late September or early October the first time I joined, so there's no telling when it may be this year.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Chibi-Style Severus Snape

Serious warning - Beware the Cute!


Despite the errors in the pattern - I've since learned that the one on the designer's blog is updated from the one I have - and the weird skin tones - also corrected, I've been told - I think he turned out adorable!

This pattern is from a site called Hazel's Farm, that I seem to have lost the link to but I'll post it when I find it - I have it saved in my old bookmarks but there are a lot of those!  There are many more Harry Potter Chibis there, although none of the truly bad guys are among them. (Too bad, 'cause I think a Chibi Lucius Malfoy would be adorable, too!)  I don't know if I'll stitch any more of them or not, though I wouldn't be surprised because I have an OCD thing about sets.  And I like Sirius Black.  If you go looking for it, the site is in French and the HP Chibis are pretty far back.

Onward, onward!  Must finish more thiiiiings!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Stocking

I do apologize for the bits of marker-grid, but I wanted to go ahead and post this. They will be completely faded away by tomorrow.


Pretty, yes?  I like this one a lot! Even if it doesn't look all that Christmas-y.  I decided to grid it because the actual cross stitches were few and far between.  I was pretty sure I'd miscount - I'm good at that!  I've lost count of how many this makes of the 30, but I'll figure it out next time I get the pattern out.  I want to do two next month, as well.

That's the only pic for today - I got more of Chibi-Sev done and some Sprite outlines, but I'm just going to post them when they are finished.  Tonight I shall work on Fred!

Monday, August 20, 2012

IHSW for August

So I got home very, very late and therefore my post is very, very late!

But here are before and after pics of my progress on QS Lovers (such as it was)




I finished off the two darkest grey colors on this page.  Hopefully next month I'll polish off all of the background - there's not a lot left.  I wonder if it would be cheating - since I work all weekend - to count either Thursday or Monday as an IHSW day?  'Cause I really didn't want to put this down.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maybe a Bit Faster

Loki and Thor are now done:

Very handsome!  I stitched them and the next two Sprites on light blue fabric.  Looks grey, but it isn't.

I stitched two more outlines - Mr Scary-Skull-Face and Mr Could-Be-Anybody


Then turned them into Iron Man and Captain America.  I love Sprites!  Thanks, Missy!

I stitched Iron Man's arc reactor with bright white rayon floss for a little extra glow.  You can tell a little in the picture - the other white is B5200 - and it looks great in real life!

I finished the stocking:


And I had some issues with the Chibi of Severus, the main one being....

AAAAGGHHH!  He looks terrifying!  LOL!!! I'm hoping he improves with the other skin shade, otherwise I'm ripping that out and stitching some lighter color.  My other issue was that his eyebrows were in the darkest skin tone (actually a light brown) on the pattern, and that didn't look right - so I went and looked at the finished pic, and yup, they were supposed to be black.  Much better.

And that's mostly it, 'cause I ended up working a few extra shifts and got very little done on the cat-chair.

This weekend is IHSW, so I'm pulling Lovers back out for a few days - so next Wednesday will be kinda skimpy on Sprint-Stitching progress.  Ah, well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Further

I have finished 'Warm Hearts'.


I have done all the black on Chibi-Sev:


I have (finally) gotten around to finishing Loki's outline and I did Thor's, too:

They would have a lot more colors if I would ever remember to take the other floss to work with me XD

And I've filled in some more of the chair on 'Home is Where the Cat Is'.


By next Wednesday, I hope to show off at least four finished Sprites, all the stitching on the cat & chair, and a finished stocking, at the very least.  Oh, and some more done on Sev.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Like Stumbling

This is supposed to be Olympic-Sprinting style stitching... I fail.

Here's 'Warm Hearts' so far - almost done:

And here's a stocking ornament, maybe halfway:

And One-Eyed Chibi-Severus, not even halfway:

I also started the sprite of Loki, got his outline almost done, then realized I'd grabbed a skein of 939 instead of 310.  So I had to pull it all out.  God of Mischief... I should have known it was going too easy!

It might help if I did one at a time?  Nah... where's the fun in that? LOL!