My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, January 22, 2016

Profits Pouring, and Bent Creek Snappers

Three rotation turns, and two projects!  I worked on my Snappers, then my China-kit, then my Snappers again, because the first time they got very little progress.

So here is where the Snappers were:

Between the two rotation turns I managed to finish up August  (the white gulls show up clearly in real life but not with the camera) :

And get a fair bit of September done:

So now I am almost 3/4 s done with this project.  I need to finish up September Brings and get the border further down on that side.

'Profits Pouring' is my partial-printed, pre-inked China kit.  I had this much done, which is all of Part One:

I did Part Two, which was much smaller - only the second crane:

And started Part Three, which is the blue bird and the flowers in the lower left corner.

There is backstitching in this part for the first time.  My stitching is covering it up, but I have also got a pattern I can go by.  I'm thinking of putting a little bit of backstitching in the cranes' wings, even though it is not called for on the pattern.

I'm having a weird issue with this - sometimes when I'm working on it, the fingers holding the needle will suddenly turn dark red at the tips and they feel like they're burning.  When I stop stitching, it fades in just a few minutes.  I don't know if it's because of some chemical on the fabric or the floss (I have a lot of skin allergies) or because I sometimes have to hold the needle tightly to get the floss through the fabric.  The 11 count with 3 strands should be easier but the dye makes the holes smaller, so it is not easy to pull through.  I'm not sure which is the reason, but it's annoying and slows down my progress with this kit.

I'm working on Unspoken now and will be until midnight on the 24th - on the 25th, I may pick my Snappers back up.  I'm thinking of making them my focus piece so I would have my Mother's Day present for 2016.

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gift of the Eagle Feather, #1

Here is my first rotation turn for Gift of the Eagle Feather!

It actually only got four days, since my rotation is to pick up something different on the 5th, but that's okay.  I'm pleased with what I got - I'm actually pretty close to the first eagle wing :D

I had left out one project on my rotation list so I just made a new page of '2016 WiPs'.  It's up top!

Hope you all had a Happy New Year :D