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Crochet Finishes


Where I have the name and year, I will put that information.  Most of my crochet finishes that I have pictures of are afghans, but lately I've had more new things, like amigurumi!

1.  'Gorgeous Green' - 2013, for my youngest sibling.

 photo greendone1_zps08c35adf.jpg

2. 'Filet Diamonds' - 2013, for my sister-in-law

 photo diadone2_zps067a4a17.jpg

3.  2013 - no pattern, for my youngest nephew

 photo block2_zps68ef76a7.jpg

4. 'Mosiac Stair-Step' - 2013, for my Mum, this is pre-blocking.

Before Blocking photo mssfull_zps85f68cc3.jpg

5. Made in the early to mid 90's - This was a series of firsts - first Ripple afghan, first time I modified a pattern, and the first afghan anyone ever paid me to make.  I was so thrilled!

 photo firstever.jpg

6.  Made in the mid to late 90's - my own pattern - photographed on a TV Studio Set!  Made for my Dad and he still has it, in fairly good condition.

 photo daddys.jpg

7.  Made in the early 90's - basic granny sqaure - I made a lot of basic, giant granny squares in my time!  This one and a lot of others were lap-sized and made for a charity drive at a nursing home.

 photo Charity.jpg

8, 9 and 10.  Made sometime after 2008, because these are in my current house.  More granny squares, made from scrap yarn.  I just kept going with a bit of yarn until I ran out.  These were also for the charity project, just a different year.

 photo afghansCH.jpg

11.  Made sometime after 2009 or 2010, because I gave this to my SIL for Christmas.

 photo jessghan.jpg

12.  A rainbow ripple I made for my Mother's 'Africa' themed room.  Sometime between 2007-10.

 photo rainbow.jpg

13. This one is on the back of my mother's Victorian-style sofa.  A year or so after #12.

 photo mums.jpg

14.  Spiderman Afghan, made for my oldest nephew around 2010?  I'm not sure.

 photo spider.jpg

15.  Made shortly after my first Ripple afghan, using the same pattern but different colors.  I don't know what happened to this one.  Made in the early to mid 90's.

 photo roses2_zpsec6a73b3.jpg

16. A Pineapple-style afghan, made in the mid to late 90's.  Possibly early 2000's. Gave it to my mother; I think it's in storage.

 photo IMAG0006_zps8f14e0ac.jpg

17.  This was the first big afghan I ever made!  I took it out in the late 90's for a picture, but it was made in the early 90's - and actually started in the late 80's but I put it away for a while because I was a kid and didn't even know where to buy yarn, lol!  It's hard to tell in the picture but the red ended up being two different shades.  I think my baby sibling eventually claimed this one.  It easily fit on a full-sized bed.

 photo IMAG0005_zpsf2b551de.jpg

18.  Made in my first year at college and I can't think what year that was - lol!  My siblings actually fought over this one, and I don't remember who ended up with it.  It was really big!  The one in the background, on the couch, is #6 on this list.

 photo IMAG0001_zps41853665.jpg

19.  This one was annoying!  It's a basic 'net' made with double-crochets and chains, but then my Mum and I spent hours pulling the yarn 'ribbons' through it.  Never again!  Late 90's, early 2000's, I think.

 photo IMAG0003_zpsb8c7d9ed.jpg

20.  This is one I made for my brother quite a long time ago - another of my own design.  He told me once he bought this couch just to match it, lol!  Maybe early 2000's?

 photo 20131104_130146_zpsbefb9564.jpg

21.  This horrible little hodge-podge scrap afghan still lives in my house!  It was originally intended for the charity program, but I got horribly sick while I was making it and ended up in the hospital having a pretty serious operation.  This afghan came with me and I worked on it while I was there, little bits at a time for almost two weeks.  I couldn't make myself give it away after that.  We bonded - lol!  Another from the late 90's.

 photo IMAG0002_zpsc0c41e97.jpg

22.  My brother and one of his 2014 Christmas presents:  A crocheted Viking Helmet!

23-24.   I used to make these 'Doorstop' dolls to sell years ago - all the pictures are small and fuzzy; they were taken with an old instant 35mm camera.  Ah, the good ol' days of no focus at all!  

 photo blueampgreendolls_zpsfbf02d3d.jpg

25.  This afghan was for my brother.  Made in 2013, and I think it's name was Fall Morning or something like that.  I love the colors of this one!  It was pretty enough to eat!

 photo mornDONE_zps95731052.jpg

26.  Another doll.

 photo blueamppeachdoll_zps8025c520.jpg

27.  I also make lots of hats.  Lots.  This one was part of a Ninja outfit I made for my nephew in 2011.

 photo ninja_zps2519072c.jpg

28.  A hat my Mum ordered for a gift.

29.  One of two 'Jayne Cobb' hats I made.  I think this one was my sister's.

30.  A soft Balaclava I made for my Mum.

31.  Another hat my Mum ordered to give as a gift.

32.  Almost every year, I make myself a different Christmas hat.

33.  I try to make my brother in law a hat every Christmas, he really liked this one!  It has eye holes when you roll the brim down.

34.  A shawl I made as a Christmas Present for my Sis-in-Law.  I called it 'Denim Days'.

35.  Another hat for my BIL

36. Yet another hat for my BIL!

37.  The other Jayne Cobb hat I made.

38.  This shawl I made for my Grandmother; called it 'Lady in Red'.

39.  Three gifts I made that I called 'Wimples', now people call them 'Cowls'.  Or I just used the wrong name!  This was several years ago.

This is one of the Cowl/Wimples on my Styrofoam model-head.

40.  This is not the best picture but it is the only one I have of this afghan.  When I finished it, I gave it as a present without taking a finished pic.  It was a basic plain back and forth afghan.

41.  An Autumn-themed Dolly Doorstop (That was the pattern name.  Annie's Attic, I think.)

42 - 43.  Two more.  I made soooo many of these I had all five patterns memorized!

44.  A Christmas-colored one.

45 - 47. More hats.  The red and black one is the same shown above, the others are different.  The black and navy for my dad, the red with four black stripes for my BIL, the colorful one for my brother.

48.  A sweater set I made for a preemie baby.

49.  I wish I had a better picture of this one!  She was very Victorian and took forever!

50.  Another one made with the Doorstop patterns.

51.  This is one of the only afghans I ever kept for me.  A gigantic granny square!  That was all I knew how to make at first :D

52.  I've made a lot of doilies but this is the only one I can find a picture of so far.

Some detail.

53.  This doll was called 'Libby' and I kept her.  She is a bed doll, and took enough yarn for a good-sized afghan.  She is ridiculously heavy!

54.  I made this mermaid doll for my sister the year she was... 10?  11?  I don't remember.  The green thing is an octopus, the red, orange and yellow things are starfish.  They all pinned on and could be removed.  She had a green 'seaweed' scarf and headband.  There were sequins on her tail.  She was eye-blindingly pink.  Of course my sister LOVED her!

55.  Spiral Afghan.  I enjoyed this one!  Gave it to my BIL

56.  A green slouchy hat for baby sis.

57.  This yarn was called 'Linen' and I wish I had 100 skeins of this color.  It's beautiful.  This is my hat.

58.  A hat for my SIL

59.  I don't have a finished pic of this but I'm trying to get one.  A floor-length dress made for Baby Sis, with a Morticia-Adams style train.  This was almost done.

And some detail of the train.  I had to wing this part.

60.  A random pink hat.

61.  Another hat for BIL.

62.  A hat for SIL! and a matching scarf.  They came out so soft and white and beautiful!

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