My Huge Work in Progress List!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mary Wigham for April

Here is my April motif on Mary Wigham - I stitched the black half basket, since there are so few days in April left!

This pic is the closest I've come to the true colors of the floss, although it washed the pink motif and the fabric out just a little.

Also, here is my first 10 hours on 'Lost in You'. A little over 1150 stitches... and it's sooooooooo tiny!
I'm stitching it 2 over 1 on 22ct. It's not as uneven as it looks, it's very smooth. I guess the light caught it oddly. Sorry about the penny, I wanted to show someone how small the stitches were, and when I took it off to take another pic, my batteries went dead XD I think that's also why both pics are a wee bit dark. Ah, well, still learning about the new camera!
Only 238,850 stitches to go!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mermaid and Stash!

Sorry I haven't been posting - all my time has been taken up with job training and Spring cleaning - hardly any time for stitching!

Here's my SK Mermaid of the Deep after her 10 hours:

The confetti really slowed me down - I may try parking threads with the bigger HAEDs. I don't know.

JoAnn's is having a HUGE sale, and I got a little extra from work for doing training, so...

Working on HAEDs made me realize I need two things:

Bigger Q-Snaps and smaller needles :D

McCall's patterns were on sale for $0.99 (limit 10). They didn't have 10 I wanted, but I did grab some more costumes for my sis and I to work on this winter. I don't do a lot of sewing in the summer, and unfortunately this winter just past I didn't get to do much, but I have plans for '10!!!

Also for my HAEDs - 238 (I think) skeins of DMC. And they didn't have all I needed... yikes!

My receipt - lol! I put the bulbs there for size info.

I also won a stash giveaway on Felicity's blog - this is what she sent me!
I was very excited when I opened the package - can I start stitching them all right now?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last of March's Progress

Sorry I've been so silent; I've been doing job-training and I didn't have much time for anything else!

I decided to try out 'Erin's Rotation System' (with the neat chart!) and it's worked pretty good so far. I'm limiting the number of projects to the ones I want to finish this year, plus two open spots. I'll be doing the little things, ornaments, Bride's Tree, and Mary-motifs in between the bigger projects.

I'm treating 'Going to Market' like it has a deadline, like they talk about in the Shakespeare's Peddler link, and so it got 10 more hours.

I'm thinking 10-15 more hours will finish this one :D Yay! It would go faster if I didn't continually miscount the background. Even with highlighters and line-ruler thingies... lol!

Here's the wee bit I got done on the dolphins, too. They're not part of the rotation, they ride around in my purse until I'm sitting somewhere with nothing to do, like the doctor's or something.
I added tags to the projects/posts so you should be able to see the before pictures easily :D Since blogger's being a bit iffy with pic-posting and all! The dolphins are under the 'UFO' tag.
I also celebrated my birthday on the 25th by starting my first big HAED, Lost in You, which took up the first open slot on my new rotation. I'm only about 5 hours into it, though. I'll post a pic at 10, even though it won't be very big!
Thanks for reading!