My Huge Work in Progress List!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leaves and Hair

I had a wee bit of extra time today!


I'm up to four colors! (used, not finished!)  She's surprisingly low on confetti compared to some HAEDs, although the jeweled skull ring behind her is almost all confetti.

I'm going to save her face until I have the page with the rest of it, as I don't want to risk her having a line right down her middle.

And now she goes away, at least for a day or two, as I have something to do that I said I would :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two, Nine, One Hundred

I have two of seven diamond panels done!  (The baseball bat is full-sized, I put it there to show how long they are; I couldn't find my yardstick!)

Nine of twenty squares for my baby nephew's afghan.  They've been crammed in a bag so they're all curly.  I'm having to change my color idea to just ten each of these colors - I've been unable to find the other two shades I wanted.  Oh, well.  This will work nice with the medium green I've found for all the borders.

One hundred!
I finally hit one hundred repeats on this dreadful but pretty afghan!  It's so small to look at but it weighs more than the king-sized granny square one I have!  All those singles make it very thick and very heavy.  It's hard to work on it even when its draped in my lap because my wrists start to ache.  Thirty repeats to go!

Today is the last day for Witch Stitch and Bits!  Here's the last of the charts that I know are not available on the other site.  The motorbike and the rose may be eventually, but they aren't right now.  The others are by the retiring pattern-maker, Angel.

White Tiger Cub - first pic is the cross stitch version, second is the tapestry.  I only bought the cross stitch version, but look at the difference in the nose!  I think it'll be pretty easy to fix it to the way I want, which is more like the tapestry version.

Then there's Pretty Pink Kimono, Dark Rose, Wheels, Carousel, Dew Drop Inn, and Elegant Fountain.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

QS Nostalgy

This is my pattern for the HAED BB Freebie SAL this year - QS Nostalgy by Marta Dahlig


I decided to stitch her 2 over 1 on 18ct, to give my eyes a break since Lovers, Cardinal Song, Guardian Angel and Snowing are all on 22ct or higher.

I got all my stuff together for a new start...

And got this far.  Lol!

She'll be getting more love this week, though, and I'm switching her out with Frederick the Literate.

I got a little carried away during the HAED sales back at the end of October/beginning of November - when they were 45% and 50% off?  So I have several layaways due in the next few weeks.  All my spare $$$ will be going for them, as I didn't even think about their dates being that close and I'm not disciplined enough to remember to make payments XD

Here's another paid off, though!

Two more of the Dahlig 'Deadly Sins':



Only Avarice and Lust left to go - and they are in my next-to-be-paid layaway.

Two more for my Sessler Masquerade collection:

Masquerade: Woodsong

Masquerade:  Wild Rose

Asian Fantasy 3

I just finished kitting up Yarr, and this lovely lady is the next one I'm going to kit up because OH MY GOODNESS I want to start her!!!

(I really want to start Yarr, too, but then - I really want to start most of the patterns I own!)

I know it's a lot of pictures but I wanted to show you all some more WSnB patterns in case there are some you decide you want - the site is closing on Thursday the 31st!

Manger, Did You Know?, Guard Tiger, Midnight Grave, Frozen, First Drink, Far and Away and Oriental Blue:


I am not buying any more patterns for the rest of the year after I finish off my layaways and my WSnB list!  (That list is almost done, though - I have more to show but it's too much for one post!)

Do you believe me?  'Cause I'm not sure I do!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Eagle Has Landed!



God Bless America
Kit by Janlynn
3 over 1, 11ct
10x13 inches

Every missed stitch, backstitch, and French knot finished :D  (The knots are in the blue part of the lettering.  They don't show up too well in the picture.)  The backstitching was killer, and then didn't really show up all that gloriously unless you're really looking.  Linda Gillum is sadistic, lol!

I forgot to post my IHSW progress, and I've contined to stitch a bit on Lovers, so I'll post an update on it later.

Witch Stitch and Bits is still closing, and now their patterns are 40% off.  I've added these to my collection:

Penguins in Snow I and II, Kitten Playing I-IV, African Elephant, Keeping Guard, Tiger!, Mum's Protection,  Moonlit Tiger, Midnight Run



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yards of Yummy Yarn!

I got my Herrschner's yarn order in today, and also bought some yarn at WalMart while I was grocery shopping.  So I piled all my yarn together just to look at it.


Isn't this yummy?  This is yarn for my Mum's grey afghan, my Sis-in-Law's tan one, my brother's rust-peach-brown-white ripple, and some of what I need for the baby's afghan.  I still have three afghans with no yarn, and my Brother-in-Law's has about half its yarn.

Also I'm still working on Witch Stitch and Bits! I cleaned all the change out of my purses and used it to buy my gas today, and used what would have been gas money for these:

In order - Stripes, Will You Join Us, Bonnie and Clyde, The Climber, Sweet Butterfly, and Enchanted Web.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Still not done with my list!  Can you say 'stash addiction'?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Playing Switcheroo

My sis-in-law had fun going through my afghan books when she came in for the holidays, and as a result some of my projects are being changed.  I haven't updated the Afghan page yet, but here's the changes:

Her afghan is going from this:

To this:

Only in a pretty tan color - which happens to be the same color I'm using in my mum's never-ending afghan, so I borrowed a skein, and I've gotten one of the seven strips done, and another started.  There are 17 diamonds per strip, then they are sewn together and an edging done all 'round.


She said my oldest nephew would love this one:

But would like this one even better, because it looks like Lego blocks.

It really does, too, I think.  The colors will be the same.

And I chose, myself, to change my unborn nephews afghan from this:

To one of sewn-together large-size granny squares, all in greens with a few white ones added.  Here's two made in the variegated that I'm using to select the other colors - there will be five of this color, five light green, five medium, and five white.

They will all be edged in dark green and I want to put a dark green border around them.  I think it will make a cute afghan for when he's a toddler.  I already made a yellow knitted one for when he's born - it's part of the reason I didn't get the other projects done.  I didn't put pics because she sometimes reads my blog - and THEN I forgot to take a finished pic before she left.  So I will have to bug her for one :D

I have ordered all the yarn for my Mum's afghan and most of what I need for my brother's - I got the notification that the package is at the post office so I'll pick it up tomorrow.  I'm also going to be going and buying all they yarn for my Sis-in-law's afghan and the remainder that I need for my brother's and the green one, so I will take a pic of my yarn mountain and show you guys!

Oh, also I paid my oldest HAED layaway off, so these are officially mine:


Transcendence (the large version, not the mini)

Map of Middle Earth - the gigantic version

and Masquerade of Shadows.