My Huge Work in Progress List!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Stitching, But Not Much

I feel like I've been stitching and stitching and getting nowhere.

In reality, I've been barely stitching, so it's not a surprise :D

On the 5th, I picked up Archangel.  He was here:

Now he's here:

If you tilt your head just right and squint a little, you might see my progress XD

On the 10th, I started working on my Bent Creek Snappers.  It was here:

My progress disappoints me.  I got a chunk of the border done but didn't finish the October block - I was so close and I could have done it but I was lazy one day and didn't stitch on it at all.  The colors are off in the pic, by the way, but I did change the pumpkin colors.  They were a red/orange/brown color; I wanted an orange pumpkin.

Then on the 15th, I picked up Portrait of Christ.  He was here:

And is now here:

The first two days I barely touched him, then I kind of got in the groove and didn't want to put him down, but his turn was up.  Unless I missed some stitches, though, I finished off one color and got two more almost done.  I also did a bunch of the fractionals around his eyes that you really can't see.

Now I'm working on Unspoken, but on the 25th it's my birthday!  So I'm starting something new!  I didn't do it last year, I don't think, but I used to do that every year.  Haven't decided what it will be yet, but I'm leaning toward a bird kit or a tiger kit.  Or something completely different XD

Happy Stitching, guys!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Angel of Hope

Angel of ...Hope?

Or DEATH?!  Bwah ha ha ha haa...


Here's Angel of Hope - wow, she needs a nickname, like Gracie's :D - after her first rotation turn.  I didn't get very far but I did get her face done.

I'm not sure about that stitch on the bridge of her nose - it is a half stitch on the chart, but the dark fabric shows through.  I think that when I get her back out, I will make it a 3/4 stitch, instead.  Then her nose won't look so odd.  I may also backstitch her lips in a darker color.  I'm not sure about that, though.  My next goal will be to finish her hair and start a wing.

She is supposed to offset Gracie - they are the same size and they'll sort of face each other.  So I did her skin over two, like Gracie's.  The different fabric doesn't bother my Mum, and she has a different frame saved back, but she wants to hang them on either side of a dresser, with their faces toward each other, so I thought the skin should be the same.

I'm tempted to get Archangel out now, though - it's Mirabilia March!  We'll see what happens!

Happy Stitching,


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Leap Year Start!

Yesterday I did start a new project - I meant to post but life interfered.  I also got very little done but I did start!  That was the point :D

Here's my shiny new project - it already has six shades of brown!:

Can you guess what it is?




It's this lovely creature:

'Angel of Hope' by Lavender and Lace; the second Angel on my mother's 'Want' list :D

I had planned to do her on a similar fabric to Gracie, but I was looking through an online fabric store and just suddenly thought - wow, wouldn't she pop on dark fabric?  I started to try an overlay to see, but then a Google image search got me this:

Not the best-sized frame, but doesn't she look gorgeous on that?!  According to the stitcher (it was in an etsy shop) that particular angel is on 14 count black aida.  Mine is being stitched on 32 count charcoal grey lugana.  I think she will look awesome!

My Mum is happy she's started, too, so bonus XD

I'll be back on the fourth or fifth to show you how far I get - I'm hoping to at least get her face done!

Happy Stitching,