My Huge Work in Progress List!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quilts and Stash

Here are the quilts I was talking about last post.
They are $10 plus S&H. I'm pretty sure I can fit them in a flat rate box. If you're interested, comment or email me at elf_night at hotmail dot com
They are all smoke-free, pet-hair free.

42x72 - crib size. Back is blue plaid.

41x72 - crib size. Back is cream with peach-pink roses. This one would be sooo pretty for a girl baby!

46x64 - lap size. This one is green, Green, GREEN! Back is floral.

And here's the last of my purchased stash! All of it was bought before I started the ten-project challenge, it just hadn't arrived yet.

The Castle by TW and Dear Santa by L*K
I bought these used and got a great deal on them!

And my new patterns, Smoky Mountain Cats by Pegasus, and Sleep Tight kit by Pinn Stitch. Not sure you can see the pic on the kit very well; it's of sheep counting themselves as they jump the fence - until the last one falls asleep! Uber cute!

Also got the beads and treasures needed for my Gardener's Prayer project, and some size 28 tapestry needles - one of which arrived broken but I got them on sale so oh, well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Different Project

I haven't been cross stitching for the last few days - I've been involved with a different project!
A local food pantry has been planning a fund raiser; selling quilts to make some much needed repairs on their building.
This food pantry/food bank - whichever you would call it - feeds over 120 families twice a month, for free, in our area. They give them a huge box of food every two weeks! Since it is a private organization, they screen to make sure the families are really in need, and not pretending. That's a problem in this region. A lot of food banks have shut down because they couldn't get donations because everyone knew the people going there for free food didn't really need it.
Anyway! To the point!
I've been working with some other ladies, getting some really cute basic quilts ready for sale!
The prices will be really, really low, believe me!
I hope no one minds, but I volunteered to put some on my blog for sale. If that doesn't interest you, just ignore them, okay?
Look for some in the morning and a few later tomorrow!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Patchy Puppy Pillow

Here is my Princess-Puppy with some of her pillow done. It's patchy 'cause I skipped around a lot, working most of the light red first. She's getting sooooooooo close to being done! I can't wait to backstitch her.
Also - I have reached 1000 stitches on Spike!
Well, technically 1034, but I got wrapped up in something and forgot to count... x_X
So, anyway, here he is - a lovely dark green, block!
This makes him 10% done! All in a month! For me, that's utterly amazing! I'm so fickle, and I skip around on projects so much.
*happy sigh*

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Good Day

Here's the doily I've been working on - 'Pineapple Centerpiece' from the House of White Birches book 'Pineapple Sensations'. It's only about halfway done, which will make it the biggest doily I've ever made. I'm not quite sure what the finished dimensions will be; I'm making it in size 10 crochet thread instead of the size 30 the pattern called for, because I wanted it to be big.
And see what the lovely mailperson brought me! An autographed copy of 'Fantasy Wedding Blessing' by Dragon Dreams!!! It was sent to me for free by the designer, Jennifer Aikman-Smith. And it came without being bent! All the way from Canada to WV! Absolutely amazing... now to get the pretty silk floss I need so I can start it! Sis gets married in August. The photo kind of washed out the pic of the pattern, but trust me, it's a beauty.

I stopped at a yard sale on my way home from the post office, and found these:

An ornament kit, four yards of metallic gold-red-and-green trim, and a cute lil' doll with a basket full of tiny sewing notions. And I got it all for $2!

Here's a slightly better view of the doll... she needs a little TLC, but she's adorable... and if I can't get her looking better, I can always steal her notions for another project... hehehe...

And last, does anybody know the name of this pattern/kit? Or which company it's from? My aunt wants it - she found the picture, but had no information and I don't think I've ever seen it before.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One Whole Doggy

This is what I got done last night - this morning, I finished the purple and started the cushion before I left the house.

Amazing what I can actually get done... normally I'd have already stuck her in a drawer and moved on to another project, hehehe.