My Huge Work in Progress List!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Absolutely Nothing

I was working in my wee little garden the other day and slipped - you know how they say not to put your hands down to catch yourself?  Well, I did it anyway.  Hard to remember that in the split second it takes to hit the ground!

So I have a beautifully sprained wrist, on my dominant side.  So I have no stitching at all to update :C  And won't for a few days - it's getting better quickly because I'm babying it instead of stitching anyway.  I'm not very good at left-hand stitching and I end up holding the frame with my right which defeats the purpose, because ouch!

So I will show you guys some more stash!

HAED stash from the sales!  This sale (25% off until June 2nd)  I bought QS April Fairy

 photo fd2785c381649a163e66c0a556a60838image428x600_zps99cb387f.jpg

And last sale, I bought this pretty thing - Autumn Love:
 photo 0745b73d979f79bcf88da5affa8e6573image187x600_zps744a9797.jpg

I put a few on layaway, too, in the last sale because it was a bigger discount, but I won't say which until I pay them off.  I don't intend to do a layaway for this sale.

Here's some I didn't show from the last layaway (paid off, yay!)  At least, I don't think I ever showed these...

Rover's Cripple:
 photo roverscripple_zps48149421.jpg

QS Crabby Crush:
 photo CrabbyCrush_zpsea2247c5.jpg

 photo rapunzel_zps140c6f3c.jpg

I will be back as soon as I have something worth posting about - maybe in a day or so I can start stitching again!

Monday, May 20, 2013

IHSW for May

Back to Lovers - a face last month:

 photo loveApril_zpsf776be10.jpg

And a face this month!

 photo loveIHSWmay_zpsca3b0b23.jpg

Or well, most of a face.  I didn't quite finish a few of the confetti stitches.  But at least she doesn't look like an alien any more!  He got a bit more of his neck, and I did a tiny bit of the black in her hair because there's so much of it.  Next month - her neck and his hand!  And more hair for both of them.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Better Late Than Never?

I've been working so much more lately - every month it seems to increase.
And my stitching decreases.
So do my posts, apparently!

I am not at home right now, and wasn't yesterday either, so I can't post pics of the Turtle Trot pieces.  Guess I'll have to stick with words.  Not a thousand, though!

Mary Wigham - got a motif
Fred - got a chunk of backstitching
Wufei - got what you saw in the YOTA post
Angel of Grace aka Gracie - got yet more of her burgundy ribbon done
Archangel - has more skin.  I may go blind
Lovers - has what you saw in the IHSW post
Gettysburg - I stitched a whole stripe of white! lol!

I don't remember if I got anything worth mentioning done on any other Turtle project.

I do, however, have my Bothy piece and my camera with me where I am currently staying, so here is a wee little progress:

 photo cupp2_zpsee9e3405.jpg

Anyone for champagne?

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Brand New SAL

I was totally a bad girl (because it means a new start) and joined the Bothy Cut-Thru SAL that's hosted by Linda and Debbie (click on their names for the SAL pages).

I always liked these - the whole series is super cute! - but I resisted.  When I saw them being stitched up though - my feeble, fragile self-control snapped.  I got me a kit and away I go!

I chose the Cut-Thru Princess Palace - this one:

 photo BOT-Ppalace_zps9c0ec34f.jpg

And here's my wee tiny start - a throne!

 photo ctpp1_zps06b41b17.jpg

And really, part of another throne - that bit of lonely brown at the top is the toilet seat, lol!  I started in the middle, instead of the top left, because... I'm not sure why.  To make a change?  I think I'll work my way up first - I want to stitch that gigantic frog in the bathroom.

I will be working on this on Mondays only, so it may take me a while - so absolutely no different than my other projects!  Once I finish this one up, I want to start the Lighthouse.  It's my favorite, but when I was looking for one to start, I couldn't find a place to buy it at a price I could justify spending my stash money on.  I found the chart really cheap on eBay last week, though, thanks to Linda's sharp eyes!  But it's on its way from Belgium, so who knows when I will actually get it?

I'll have a crochet update soon - and something really, really, REALLY cute to go with it!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

YOTA Time Again!

First Saturday of the month means YOTA!!!

Wufei is my YOTA project, and this month my update is really, really sad because I barely touched him.  Just a few more shades of blue worked around his collar - I think I used three different floss shades this month.

 photo wyota3_zps0a39c7bc.jpg

Hopefully, next month will be better!  Maybe I'll tempt myself with that other eye again :D

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Flowers

Alternate blog title - 'Now I Will Ramble About Plants, After Some Stitching Progress'

So April is over and May is here - I had lots of fun with the A-Z challenge and wanted to say 'Welcome!' to my new followers!  I'm slowly working my way through all the blog posts I missed - April was crazy with work and all.

My stitching goals bombed, too, but I did get another motif on Mary done.  It was a rich burgundy-brown shade this time around.  I hadn't used this color in the pattern yet.

 photo marymay_zpsb25d2172.jpg

And I promised a picture of the whole project - here is how she looks!  I think there is another motif and then a really small one and I will have reached the bottom on the left hand side.

 photo marywmay_zps51150a14.jpg

The colors are still washed out - I have yet to manage a good picture of the colors.  Those two nearly-invisible motifs show up perfectly well in real-life.

After the luck I had with Patty, I was telling a co-worker that I thought I might get a few more plants, maybe, and she took that as a hint that I wanted cuttings of the ones on her desk, because I had told her before that I knew how to do that - sometimes.  It works with some plants, others it doesn't.  But she immediately handed me some scissors.  It actually works better to break them, or so I've found, so that's what I did.  I really wasn't hinting, by the way, because starting plants from cuttings can be annoying.  But I took what I thought might work, and wrapped them in wet paper towels and took them home.

There were four - a plain green leaf, a cactus-y plant, a pretty little heart-shaped plant, and one of those pink vines.  The cactus and the heart-shaped one I was able to get a bit of root, so I started those in soil.  The other two were in water, with paper towels to hold the leaves above it, so they wouldn't rot.

 photo plant2-1_zpsf376047f.jpg

 photo plant1-1_zps756321b8.jpg

This was two or three weeks ago, and today I noticed that the little pink plant was putting out a tiny bit of new shoot - very good sign!  So I checked, and yes - there was quite a bit of root under that paper towel!  So into some dirt she went:

 photo plant5_zps830ec62d.jpg

See her little, tiny new growth? And her other leaves are bigger.  The plant beside her is doing so well that she's got a name (Agnes) and is about to put into a real pot.  The little pink one will get a name if she continues to grow.

The other two - I don't know.  The first one is getting very pale, and I checked and there is no root growth.  I'm not throwing her out yet, but I don't think she's going to 'take'.  I'm not sure about the cactus.  He wilted rather badly for a while, but now he has plumped back up again.  He still doesn't look all that healthy, and there is no new growth, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.  This pic shows the whole little shelf under my kitchen window, where they are sitting, along with some strawberry plants.

 photo plant4_zpsf2f40170.jpg

The point of all this rambling, is that taking care of these wee ones has started my gardening itch up big time.  So when our little mom-and-pop grocery store got their spring plants in, I bought... um, a few too many.  Here's what most of my kitchen is covered in (makes it hard to do dishes.  I hate doing dishes.  Wonder if there's a connection?)

 photo plant3_zps5e424c31.jpg

This is about half of what I got.  There are a lot of veggies and some flowers.  I'm nursing them along until May 10th - that's the almanac date for going outside!  These will mostly be in containers this year, because I didn't get a garden spot plowed up.  Next year will be different!  The flowers will be going in the 'real' dirt, though!

One last picture - last year my snowball bush was, um, it looked really mangy.  This year I went out when the blossoms first started and cut off a good half, at least of the parts I could reach.  My snowball is much taller than me!  Now the blossoms are already the size they were last year when they turned white - so I hope they will grow much bigger!  That big one isn't turning, it's just flash-burned.

 photo plant6_zps92395d8a.jpg

This is the only kind of snow left around here!  Knock on wood - but I've never once seen it snow after the last week of April.  My Dad says it has, but I don't remember it.  Is it Spring where you guys are?