My Huge Work in Progress List!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Pun, in Stages

For my BIL's Christmas present, I have stitched a pun!

Here it is, in stages.

Can you guess what it says?








Silly puns make me smile :D :D :D  and my BIL really likes them.  This pattern came from nerdylittlestitcher on etsy.  I have several more of her patterns and I will be doing another for my brother's present.

This one didn't take me all five days; two of the days, I did not stitch but slept instead XD

This is also kind of a double-present.  I showed it to my sis to make sure BIL would like it and after declaring yes! she said she would also hang it in her vegetable-themed kitchen and requested more of the same.  So yay!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Two Project Updates :D

I've been such a bad blogger, I know!

But I am sticking with my rotation so here you go with two projects - I have another but I will show it tomorrow.

On the tenth, I knew I had some days of double shifts ahead of me even though I was promised no more (the things I do for a bigger paycheck!) and so I chose an easy project that had been riding around in my purse.

It is the first name that I'm doing in the Lego Block alphabet.  Here's where it was on the 10th:

I was worried that since I changed the width of the piece that I might have to fiddle with the border, so I worked over to the right side without finishing the letters.  Then I took my marker and did some counting:

Works out perfect :D  Here's where I finished up on the 14th - close to halfway done.  I would say more than halfway done, but there's a huge amount of backstitching in this, obviously!

Two letters, the border blocks, and a metric ton of backstitch to go!  This is a really fun, easy piece - all bright colors and the pattern is easy to work with and most of the time you barely have to look at it.

On the 15th, I got out my HAED, Unspoken.  Here's where he was last time:

And I finished up those two columns and started the confetti of the next two.  It's only about six colors, but they are scattered and random.  Once I get that done, the fill-in of the Winter White is easy-peasy, mindless stitching.  I'm pretty sure I'll have a page finish when this gets its next turn!

And on the 20th, I started a new project and finished it up today!  I will show it tomorrow :D

Monday, August 10, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I ended up working double shifts again, after I was promised that I wouldn't have to do any more.  So from the 3rd to the 9th, I had very little stitching time.

Which completely sucked.  :C   Bleh.

But I did get a little done, so here we go!

On the 1st, I had picked up a UFO.  I was fooling myself that it was a WIP, but a bit of research showed me I haven't worked on it since 2010, so yup - it's a UFO.

Mirabilia's Archangel:

Which did look like this - and I totally remember why I put him away.  That one-over-one on 32ct skin!

Working on HAEDs made this a little easier - it's still much tinier than my HAED projects but I got his hand done, at least :D

And some scroll.  So yay!  Progress on a very old project!  I didn't do any of his metallic yet because I remember needing Thread Heaven for it and I had to order some.  Let me just say that the colors do not do this project justice - they are beautiful rich greens and blues, not the drab olive and dull blue they look like here.  I'll try better lighting next time.

Then on the 5th I picked my Snappers back up.  I had gotten to here:

And made some joke about only getting the suitcase done next time.  Well, it turned out to not be a joke.  I only got the suitcase done.

Still happy with it, though - it is now halfway, border and all :D  Please pardon the big ol' hoop mark!

And this one was not in my rotation plans but there was one day I was just too tired to work on Archangel's over-one skin and so I picked up my China kit and finished off part one - it is the partially-stitched kit, which is divided into several parts, like so:

And here is part one done (a little flash-burned).  

The words and the first crane.  Part two is the single little crane so it will be finished quick.  I'm really looking forward to getting this done so I can see how well the ink really does wash out!  (Also, I may put a little backstitch in the crane's wing.  The camera flash washes it out a little, but it does lack some definition, in my opinion.)