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Thursday, February 11, 2010

First February Finish & HAED freebie SAL

I finished my Christmas ornament for February - this one was a Gingerbread Man.

Cute, huh? Although I'll admit he makes me think of clowns, and I don't like clowns...

I think I have about 10 of these little kits to go. I put them all in a glass punchbowl and my Mum draws one out when the last one is finished. She drew a little church on blue fabric today, so I'll be doing that one in March.

This was the HAED freebie SAL weekend, and I got a lot of the 939 and some skin stitched on my Mermaid.
I forgot to keep track of my hours, but I was stitching pretty slow... I'd say it was at least 5. She's 5 10-block columns wide, and I got all but 4 stitches of the 939 done in the first three columns of 10-blocks. I'd like to finish this page of the pattern before we get the next page in April, but if I keep stitching this slow, I don't think it will happen.
Ah, well - on the Bride's Tree ornie and back to 'Going to Market'!
Ann - We got a lot of snow here, although we didn't get the 2 feet that was predicted. I'm still semi-snowed in, though. The roads are pretty rough.


  1. You are making great progress on your HAED SAL.

  2. Cute Ornament, congrats on the finish and good progress on the HAED SAL.