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Monday, April 14, 2014

Away for a Bit - too Sad to Stitch

So, I have not blogged for the A-Z at all, or Turtle Trot - I haven't stitched much, either.  April 2nd, a relative of my mother's died; she had cancer but was getting better so it was a surprise and happened very fast.  She wasn't a close blood relative but she might as well have been my aunt.

Then on the 3rd another member of Mum's family (an in-law, but for 50+ years!) was... well, okay, bluntly, arrested for a hideous crime and everyone thought 'no way'.  Then they admitted it.  So another blow.  It was almost like a death, in a way, because the person we thought we knew was just gone.  I guess they never really existed.

Then a few days later, that relative's child, my first cousin, had been awake for over 80 hours, decided they could not live with what their parent had done, and committed suicide.  The ME put 'suicide while of unsound mind'.

Then, and I know it's not as bad as the human losses but it was just an added blow, my kitterling Audio died of old age.  He didn't get sick, just went to sleep one night, so at least he didn't suffer.  It was the last thing I was ready to deal with, though.

So, it's been really, really hard the last two weeks or so and of course I have barely thought about stitching or blogging but I'll be back soon, I promise!

PS - I thought it best to turn comments off on this post since I'm on several lists for the April challenge.