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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mini Moods of Change

While waiting on getting my stitching back from the framer, I thought I would show you guys this pretty thing.

It's a free pattern from the same designer that did the 'Mini Rings of Change' that I crocheted earlier this year.

His shop is HERE, for those interested.

I did this in a few days, on breaks at work, while I was finishing up Gracie at home.  It was done in the last days of November.

It's really pretty - I used Coral, Lt Coral, and Brick Red.  I have no idea what I will do with it.  I will say it was a lot easier and quicker than Mini Rings.  Smaller, though.

I want to make the big version now :D  But I will be good and get back to my large projects of Rings of Change first.


PS - I showed this to my brother, and he said it was very pretty, but made him hungry, because I did it in 'bacon' colors.  Men... XD


  1. Thanks for the laugh Tama. (bacon colors) It's very pretty and I really like the colors.


  2. Beautiful! And a lot of work for just a few days!

  3. Your brother's comment is hilarious! And lovely work.

  4. It's beautiful and love the colours you have chosen for this piece.

  5. It does look delicious, I mean beautiful, lol. Great job!