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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Leap Year Start!

Yesterday I did start a new project - I meant to post but life interfered.  I also got very little done but I did start!  That was the point :D

Here's my shiny new project - it already has six shades of brown!:

Can you guess what it is?




It's this lovely creature:

'Angel of Hope' by Lavender and Lace; the second Angel on my mother's 'Want' list :D

I had planned to do her on a similar fabric to Gracie, but I was looking through an online fabric store and just suddenly thought - wow, wouldn't she pop on dark fabric?  I started to try an overlay to see, but then a Google image search got me this:

Not the best-sized frame, but doesn't she look gorgeous on that?!  According to the stitcher (it was in an etsy shop) that particular angel is on 14 count black aida.  Mine is being stitched on 32 count charcoal grey lugana.  I think she will look awesome!

My Mum is happy she's started, too, so bonus XD

I'll be back on the fourth or fifth to show you how far I get - I'm hoping to at least get her face done!

Happy Stitching,



  1. A lovely start - and great fabric choice! I can't believe someone spent all the time it must have taken to stitch her and squeezed her into a frame that's too small!

    1. That's exactly what I thought when I saw her!!!

  2. Lovely new start Tama. She will look great on that fabric.


  3. Congrats on the new start and can't wait to see it grow! Great fabric choice too!

  4. I made a Leap Year start too thanks to you, but I'm not going to do more before I get my enlarged chart...:) Thank you for inspiring me though; feels good to start the kit I fell in love with years ago...!

  5. She's going to be gorgeous when you get done!!!!! I have sworn off black Aida, nevermind anything other than Aida. lol I can't see that well anymore!

  6. Great choice on the dark fabric, and nice start.