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Friday, September 19, 2008

Fantasy Wedding Blessing

Here's what my sis *was* getting for her wedding, before she decided not to go with the caterer-church-florist and to get married at home.
Which meant me, my mom, and my aunt did everything and I didn't have time to finish this, even though - for once - I started with plenty! Hopefully, the pics will be clickable. Blogger doesn't always cooperate with me.
Fantasy Wedding Blessing from Dragon Dreams
Progress before my sister asked me to do the decorations, food, etc:

Done on fabric that I hand-dyed myself. Border colors darkened because the originals looked too faded on this, and the flower colors changed to match my sister's wedding color, purple. Metallics changed from gold to silver.

Progress done now:

And in case the evil no-clicky-picture thing happens again, you can see them here


  1. GORGEOUS!! What a lovely fabric you chose for that design! I wish that had been around when I was designing that piece. You also did a great job of adjusting the border colours! I hope your sister appreciates all the time and love you have put into stitching that. Thank you so much for picking one of our designs and for sharing your excitement about stitching it in your blog!

  2. Hi there, thank you for reading and commenting on my Mermaid, I admit I'm not much on commenting myself but I have to say I LOVE the choker you made for your sisters' wedding. It's BEAUTIFUL!!

    Truly beautiful.

    Love your stitching as well, but DANG! Love that choker. ;o)