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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

UFO Progress!

I've been working on one of my oldest UFO's this week - how shocking is that? - and I've really made some good progress, I think! The pattern is of Vash the Stampede, the main character in the anime 'Trigun'. It's a computer-genereated pattern that I made myself. 'Cause, really, where are you gonna get anime patterns? Well, except for that freebie site listed over to the left, of course! But they weren't around 3 years ago when I made this.
Here's what he'll look like - the first CG pattern I ever did!
So I stitched on him steadily for several months, and he was really looking good! Then I got distracted by other patterns.
Which happens to me a lot.
Anyway, now I've picked him back up, and out of 23 colors in the pattern, I'm offically done with 10! All the white has been stitched, which was a major chunk of that gun!
He no longer fits on my scanner, so here's his lovely completed left side:

And his not-so-lovely, not completed right side. It picked up a bit of green from the hoop because I scanned it still in that hoop. Bad me.
So I'm really really really close to a happy dance with him! Which brings up a little problem - my brother really wants him!

And so does my new brother-in-law.

...ya know, I think I'll just keep him!

Other stitching stuff - I've bitten the bullet, so to speak, and picked up knitting again. I'm having to learn from books, because there is not one single person around here who knits. No one. So it's going really slowly. And doesn't look wonderful. And as soon as I find my camera cable, I'll show it to you! Why should I suffer alone?


~ I wanted to thank Jennifer for commenting on my last post - I adore your patterns, you know! They are an absolute delight to stitch from! As soon as I get the Wedding one done, I'm pulling out my poor neglected Gardener's Prayer.

Thanks to Trixie, too! for the nice complement on my sister's necklace! I was thinking of making a few of those for etsy, if I ever remember to actually sit down and make them... ^^'


  1. Hey Tama, how clever you are, to have made this pattern. The stitching looks wonderful, no wonder everyone wants it :o)
    And I'm glad to hear you've picked up your knitting needles. I have high hopes of learning how to knit socks in the near future :o)

  2. OH my gosh! It's hottie Vash! Being an anime fan, i have seen the series a long time ago. Hubby has an action figure of him too! I've only stitched Yuko Kurama from Yuyu Hakusho, although there would be tons of anime's i would like to do, but there is always true cross stitch designs that sweeps my feet away...ehem..Mira's..LOL

    You are doing super on your project! I can understand why so many people wanted to keep your piece!

  3. You've done a great job making this pattern!

    Love the progress on all your pieces on your sidebar. They are all lovely. Especially your Archangel and Going to the Market. I also really like your Indian Maiden.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. :-)

  4. Wow you have done some lovely work. I love that jewellery you made for your sisters wedding. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll visit again. xx