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Monday, May 25, 2009

More of My Angel

For once, finishing a 'goal' didn't make me put a project away for who-knows-how-long. Angel of Grace has kept my extremely short attention span long enough to get both of the left overskirts done, and the first section of the green overskirt on the right. It's divided up by a purple ribbon/streamer, so it's easy enough to call it a section. Also got a bit of the pink/white underskirt done.

You can see how much of it I had done in the post... um, two below this one, I think.

I've taken her off the q-snaps and put Mulberry House back on, but all I've done so far is look at it. Maybe I'll go back to Gracie... I find myself enamoured of the greens on her dress; on the pattern pic they looked like a washed-out bronze-green, but IRL they are very rich, velvety shades. The gold is kind of mustard-bronze, which I'm not as fond of, but it blends nicely enough so I'm not changing it.

On the crocheting side, I've finished up some more baby jackets. I'm trying to use up stash yarn - this one took every bit of a small amount of bright pink that I had, and I needed to make white sleeves. I have just enough pink yarn that I could put a row of pink sc on a white hat if I decide to make one to match.

Sorry the pic is so small, but it was the dead of night and my camera is lousy, so I had to back halfway across the room so the flash wouldn't wash the color completely out.

I've also finished a green jacket, but I'm going to make a matching hat (and possibly bloomers) before I post a pic of it.


  1. Your angel is looking so wonderful, great stitching!