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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Goal Down

Several to go!

But I finished the second-floor balcony on Brinkhoff Home and I started some of the framwork of the west wing.

Hmm... odd little house, built from the top down. Wonder if that's what my dad means when he talks about a 'floating foundation'?
*eyes picture*
Also, I've been doing some framing. I have four projects all pretty now, but I can only show you one. The others will have to wait until I have better lighting than I get at 4am.

This is my sister's Claddagh, framed and ready to be given. She's in another state visiting our brother, so it has to wait until she gets back. She doesn't read the blog, though, so I can show it off :D


  1. Your house is looking good, yup that's a floating foundation for sure!

    Beautiful framing job!

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  3. Nice house. Love this nice stitching!!

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