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Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Goals/November Goals

Here's the goals I had for October:

1. 30 hours or half the tree on Mother's Tree - done! see scan below!

2. Finish 'Though Far Apart' - done!

3. One motif on Mary Wigham - done!

4. 100 stitches on a UFO - done! (no scan yet, I finished the pink on my third Wise Man, but I left the kit in my car XD )

5. Finish a crocheted gift (a shawl for Mum or Dad's hats) - not done I didn't like the way the shawl was looking so I pulled it out and started my nephew's afghan. It's nearly done, though!

November Goals

1. Finish the tree on Mother's Tree

2. Finish Jaden's afghan

3. Restart and possibly finish Mum's shawl

4. 100 stitches on a UFO
5. 1 motif on Mary Wigham if I have the time.

Here's 30 hours on 'Mother's Tree' - it nearly got half the tree done; I'm quite happy with the progress. The line down the middle is the halfway point; I did a little on the right side and would have finished the left side in a few more hours (and gotten to the other colors of green). I can't wait for that!!!

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