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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turtle Trot 2014

Well, I totally sucked at keeping up with Turtle Trot in 2013 - I wasn't even considering 2014 because I automatically thought 14 projects - but the Rules and Sign Up came out and it's only 10!  (Notice how I said 'only' there.  I'm pretty sure my needles came to life just to laugh at me!)

So anyway - I signed up.  Maybe it'll go better this year?

Here's what I'll be doing:

1. Princess Palace
 photo qsnap1_zpscc838c65.jpg

2. Chang Wufei
 photo feiFACE_zps57e9a82b.jpg

3. Angel of Grace
Angel of Grace progress - 2013 photo gracie_zps3b07a81b.jpg

4. Mary Wigham
MWig Wide May photo marywmay_zps51150a14.jpg

5. A Whole Lotta Latte
A Whole Lotta Latte - First progress Pic photo latte1_zpsc8091c42.jpg

6. Whatever my IHSW project ends up being :D (QS Lovers, unless the HAED BB SAL has something so awesome I can't resist joining)

7. A New Project (already planned. maybe started. i ain't saying)

8. A New Project (ditto the above)

9. I want to start Yarr
Yarr's Supplies photo yarrstuff_zpsb1291224.jpg

10. Snowing
 photo snow2_zps17e7d002.jpg

Frederick the Literate isn't on the list, because after these afghans are done, I hope to spend the last few days in 2013 really buckling down and getting all his backstitching done!


  1. Lovely choices. Good luck with it and looking forward to seeing how you get on.

  2. Good for you for keeping up with the turtle trot this year!

  3. There is no BB Sal this year so maybe it will have to be Lovers, or perhaps another new start? ;)

    I signed up too and at the moment its looking half and half old and new projects : /

  4. Great choices Tama. I'm having a hard time picking just 10 Turtle Trot projects. I keep changing my mind.


  5. Lovely projects on your list for turtle trot. I will look forward to seeing your progress!

  6. I love your Turtle Trot choices! I'm sure you'll make great progress all year!

  7. Lovely projects!! I too have added my turtle trot page and hope to complete few of them in 2014. I had 'whole lotta latte' in 2013 SAL. Let us stitch along. All the best !!

  8. Fab new projects! I love how you photographed Yarr. I
    m joining the Turtle Trot too.

  9. Fab new projects! I love how you photographed Yarr. I
    m joining the Turtle Trot too.