My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekly Goals!

No Thrifty Thursday post, sorry! Holidays are toooooo busy!  And then I went to sleep very, very early!  They do say there's something in turkey that makes you sleepy, lol!

My goals last week:

1. Get the grey afghan as close to 25 repeats as I could - I worked on it a lot, but I don't think I made it that far.
2.Get another row of cream done on the ripple afghan - done and doneski!  Also, since I had some requests for where the pattern came from, here is what the book looks like - Afghan Romance by the Needlecraft Shop.  This is the cover, and sometimes you can find it on Amazon:

 photo il_570xN490398779_i1yc_zps196aa1d7.jpg

I found this one for sale on etsy, HERE.  I will give fair warning - the projects are gorgeous, but if you work from this book, you should be experienced at both crochet and pattern reading - not that the afghans are hard, but they are full, and I mean FULL, of errors.  So far, not the granny-ripple, but both the others I am working on were just flat-out wrong if you want your afghan to look like the pictures. Yet they are errors that you can easily correct if you know what you are doing.  Also, I thought the love story, which is supposed to be such a big thrill with this pattern book, was boring and overdone; but that's just my opinion!  Some may really like it, but it wasn't to my taste.  Also, that girl crochets so fast that I think she really just sneezes those afghans out.  In her sleep.  The story takes place over less than a year, and yet she makes dozens upon dozens of complicated afghans - ah, if only! If only!  Maybe that was the fiction? HAHAHA!

3. Get another pattern repeat done on the rainbow afghan - done!
4. Get another light red stripe done on the red afghan - done!
5. Start the kitten afghan - done!  Four rows of kittens so far!
6. Get the wallpaper done on Princess Palace - nope! I bombed again with this one!

I had no time this week to go and pick up camera batteries, and mine are d-e-a-d!  So I will post pics of my progress this week as I get each new goal done.  If I get the batteries, that is.

This weeks goals:

1. Just keep working on the grey afghan.  JUST KEEP GOING!
2. Get another row of cream done on the ripple afghan - that will make this one 3/5ths done, if I manage
3. FINISH the rainbow afghan.  It's already 2/3rds done.
4. More kittens - maybe 10 rows?
5. Get two more red stripes done.  Then I will have 5 of 11 done, whatever that fraction is :D
6. Work on Princess Palace if you get the chance.