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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Something Different

It seems to me like all I've worked on this year is my turtle-trot pieces, then I suddenly got some progress on something else and it made me unreasonably happy.

I finished another stocking - I think this makes 25 of 30.

 photo whitepoinsock_zpse08c0fb1.jpg

It's white poinsettias, obviously.  My apologies for the shadow.  I've started the next one; I want them done so I can either figure out if my sewing skills are up to the challenge of finishing them or talk my aunt into doing them up for me :D

Also, I did another row of 'Love'.

 photo love4_zps3dfa4c5b.jpg

Now there are two rows left.  The next one's not bad, the last is fairly good-sized.  Still, I know it will be done this year, at least.  Ha!

I also updated my WSnB page, but the HAED page is still being re-worked.  Almost as soon as I posted the finished page, I got an email that there was a sale at the Witchykitt site and I bought a few more.  So I am fixing it now, but at least there is nothing at all left on my wishlist!


  1. I think I've missed stockings ohhh 6-29 lol! Yay for finishing one more of them! I had to check your gigantic WIP list and see if it was still insane -- yup, it is. :D

  2. Are these stockings going to be ornaments?

    1. Yes, they are from a kit of 30 stocking ornaments. They're really cute and I'd love to have them on my tree this year if I get the last of them done.

  3. Love both pieces. Great job on them.

  4. Congrats on the cute ornament finish Tama.


  5. Great progress on the Love piece. And 25 out of 30 stockings, nice work! I found that kit and the thrift store late last year and don't know how I haven't managed to start any yet. Your tree will look great with all of them on there.

  6. Great job on the stocking finish and I really like your love design. Can't wait to see what the rest will look like!

  7. Congrats on the finish !! I am also not so confident about my sewing skills and wonder whether my stitched pieces will look good in the sewn items or will they lose whatever prettiness they have:)

  8. More congratulations on your stocking finish. I love seeing them. the Love stocking is looking wonderful to. Great job and so much to show for your stitching time!

  9. I read back on your blog, such a lovely variety of different cross stitch designs, all lovely.