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Monday, March 3, 2014

Stash Enhancement!!!

***LOTS of Pictures Ahead!***

One of the groups that has a lot of people talking about it on their blogs is the Stitch From Stash group - I totally did not join that one, lol!  My income, unfortunately, is not steady and I have to take opportunities when I can.  That's my excuse, at least :D

So I do things like put way too many HAEDs on layaway when they're 50% off, and I also immediately went to check out the lady at Shakespeare's Peddler's UFO Adoption Page on facebook.  At first there was nothing I was interested in but then I saw this!

 photo ufoadopt_zps579a8b2d.jpg

That's the picture taken by the lady offering it - I almost fell off my seat!  I've wanted this one for a while but I've been avoiding getting it until I got some good progress on one of my other Geishas.  Well - when I saw this, I contacted her and she sent it to me!  For FREE!!! I was so surprised and happy!  There was no floss included, so I do have to buy that, but I don't mind.  She'll be going into my Turtle Trot as soon as I buy the floss and finish up Fred.  I'm also going to go through my old WIPs next month and pick something to offer for adoption - maybe the Carousel Pony.  It was for my little sister but she's grown and married now!

And then here's my HAED layaway that I almost forgot about - I put these on three months ago!  I decided to put the 'mock-ups' of how they will look stitched, too - I've been a little more careful of my purchases on that site since they started putting these, 'cause some of them just don't look all that great in the previews.

'Yes' by Marta Dahlig

 photo Yes_zps38311739.jpg

Stitch Preview:
 photo yesmu_zps174ccb95.jpg

'Captain Claw' by Jeff Haynie:

 photo captainclaw_zpsde5fff40.jpg

Stitch Preview:
 photo captainclawmu_zpsae50e74b.jpg

'Incatneato' by Jeff Haynie

 photo incatneato_zps9d0100f4.jpg

Stitch Preview:
 photo incatneatomu_zpsf185e815.jpg

'Saint of Salmons' by Jeff Haynie

 photo saintsalmon_zps3ceeb80f.jpg

Stitch Preview:
 photo saintsalmonmu_zps5c3bea5d.jpg

'The Nativity' by Dona Gelsinger (My Mum loved this one SO MUCH!!!  She doesn't know I bought it! She doesn't read my blog so I'm safe showing it off!)

 photo TheNativity_zps80ec20e7.jpg

Stitch Preview:
 photo TheNativity_1_zps79f473e0.jpg

'Little Wings' by Adele Sessler

 photo LittleWings_zps0f768b2a.jpg

This one didn't have a stitch preview but I've seen a WIP and it looks pretty good!

I got this next one off the HAED freebie page - unlike most of their free patterns, this one is full size and I love it!  There was no preview but for this one I'm willing to take a chance! :D

'Time to Wake Up' by Charles Barber

 photo FreebieTimeToWakeUp_zps07363916.jpg

I don't have any kind of date for when I'll be starting any of these.  I have so many HAEDs started, and some haven't been touched in two years!  I'd like at least a few page finishes before I start another.

Then there is etsy and eBay - I'm always careful and wait for a really good deal and in February I got these:

 photo stash1_zpsca19f5db.jpg

 photo stash2_zpsd0a39d63.jpg

Sorry about the flash burn!  Anyway, that's all my new stash for now - I won't be getting any more until summer, unless it is floss and fabric!  I'm also going to try not to start any of these until summer - not having the supplies will slow me down :D


  1. Excellent stash! Love all the Ursula Michaels, she's one of my favorites. And seeing your Charles pattern makes me want to start mine. Happy stitching!

  2. How nice that you adopted that piece that you've been wanting so long! What a lucky find!

    Congrats on getting your layaways on the 50% off sale! Now all you need to buy is fabric and floss and you'll be busy for days! hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Excellent stash haul! And yay on getting that gorgeous geisha.

  4. That all looks great.
    I lovelovelove Little Wings. I have that one too and I have been wanting to start it for a loooong time. :)
    I think the piggie is very funny and cute too.

  5. Holy Stash Batman!! LOL. That's quite a haul. I love the variety of them all. Good on you stunner, be stash proud I would be!
    Alicia xo

  6. Awesome new stash Tama. I see that your liking Ursula Michael designs. I have all the ones you just got. Love the HAED's. How many HAED charts do you now have?


  7. Excellent stash haul! I'll be looking forward to when you get around to working on the geisha, that's a fabulous picture :-)

  8. Wow look at all that stash and wow that's a lot of HEADs!