My Huge Work in Progress List!


Monday, June 8, 2015


I had a new idea for my rotation, and it seems to be working.  Let me get it all straight (and keep testing it) and I'll explain what it is.

I have put 'Smell the Coffee' away for now - it's staying in the rotation! - but I got it this far before I did:

Pardon the weird big shadow!  The little rooster is done, he just needs his backstitching, and the first two rows of the left border are done - I have reached where the bottom square starts.  The blue block with a chunk missing has part of a sun-ray sticking through it.  This stitching is all the result of sitting in front of the computer and watching those addictive, addictive flosstube videos.  Or, mostly listening to them, and looking up when someone says 'and this is what it looks like'.  LOL!!!

So next in my latest try at a working rotation, I got my Bent Creek Snappers out and just finished February right off, no problem, two evenings of spare time while I watched videos.  Please pardon the hoop marks.

This one is still being worked on and I can't believe how fast it's going, when it's extremely slow me stitching it!!!   Tomorrow is the last day of its turn and I'll show you my amazing (for me) progress on the March block. :D :D :D


  1. If you crank on it, you can catch up to June! Both are looking great!

    1. I will be doing my best - couple more turns in the rotation and I should be 'in gravy' to quote my dad :D

  2. Great progress on everything! Glad your rotation is working out.

  3. Love the colors on Smell the coffee and Snappers is neat, Great progress!

  4. Great stitching on two beautiful projects. Glad you found a rotation that works for you.

  5. Great progress on your stitching!!

  6. Great progress!! I love both these projects!!

  7. Great progress! I know what you mean about shadows...since I stitch mainly at night, almost all of mine have shadows, no matter how many lights I turn on. And why is it that the simplest of projects take FOREVER to stitch and the hardest fly by?

  8. Wonderful progress on both projects Tama. I have the Bent Creek charts. Seeing your progress makes me want to start mine.