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Monday, June 22, 2015

IHSW - Angels and Rabbits

I worked on two projects during IHSW - I chose my Lavender and Lace 'Angel of Grace' to work on next in my rotation and I absolutely will not take her to work with me.  I'm terrified of getting her dirty.  Since I work all weekend, I made sure to take something else along.

Here's a picture of the Angel of Grace (I call her Gracie) as she will look when she's finished:

And the most recent picture I could find of her - which is not very recent.  I don't think I've picked her up since early last year. 

So here's how she is now - still in the Q-snap because I'll be working on her until whatever time I put my stitching away on the 24th.

I got more of that big white piece done, some ribbon and some of the pale pink beside the white.

The project I took to work was my bunnies,  These were a Crazy January start in 2013 or 2014.  They got very little love at the time.

How they will look - sorta, I'm doing the pink and the blue, and then I'm going to do some words and a green one.  (These are a free pattern from Hazel's Farm - I can't find the link.)

So here's the picture I took way back when I started them:

And how they look now:

Lest you think I spent all my time at work stitching, I did have a little more of the pink bunny already done. :D  These will continue to come to work with me; I want to finish them up so I can try and make them into a cushion.  They will be a gift for my Mum, with a story behind it which I'll tell when they're done.  I'm going to try - dunno if it will last long - to finish two things before starting a new one... but I got four projects I want to start so we'll just see how that goes!

Hope you all had a great stitchy weekend!  I'm off to check out some blogs :D :D :D


  1. Nice progress on everything. Gracie is gorgeous!

  2. That angel is sooooo pretty. And I'm loving the wee buns!

    1. She's my favorite, until I look at the others, haha!
      The buns are super cute, yep!

  3. Wonderful progress, Tama :-) Those bunnies are so cute; I'm trying to find them online now.

    1. I think it's It's in French; you just have to go back through the many, many pages of totally free and horribly tempting patterns of cute lil' dolls.

  4. Your Gracie is looking fabulous. She's one of my first projects (which eventually went to my in-laws. Sad to say the framing was not that good). So happy to see her come alive here, will be loking forward to her progress. The bunnies are cute, what intriguing story could be behind such adorable bunnies, lol.

    1. My Mum will be getting my Gracie :D Did you do any other Lavender and Lace angels? Mum wants the Angel of Hope to hang next to this one if I ever get it done.

  5. Wonderful progress Tama. I love the bunnies.