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Monday, July 20, 2015

A Report on Little Projects

This post will include finishes, a start, an old WIP, stash, and the bunny story!

First off - I finished 'The Great Light' on 7-17-15:

It came out really pretty!  I did do the tiny french knots in the scripture reference in the wrong holes - they were supposed to be in the middle of the squares.  I fixed it, but the holes they were in are kinda big now.  Usually washing will fix that, though, and this one is gonna need a bath since it went to work with me :D  The only thing I really don't like about it is that the cross on the steeple is off center.  That's the way it's charted, but I may redo it.

That makes 4 out of 7 of Bucilla's 'Christmas Promises' kits done.  Here are the three I have left in my stash:

'Emmanuel', 'Guardian Angels', and 'Peace'.  I will probably do either 'Emmanuel' or 'Guardian Angels' next, since they are similar, and then work 'Peace' in between them.  I won't be starting one yet, though.  I pulled out a Crazy January start - I think from 2013! - to work on next.  It is 'Three Kings' from the 1988 Gloria and Pat freebie pattern leaflet.

I only have the head of the King in green done so far.

And now for a Bunny Story!  I said in an earlier post that the Bunnies were another CJ start, and I had gotten this far:

Originally, I had intended to do just two bunnies, a pinky-white one and a brown one, and give them to my sister, who is a rabbit lover.

Then, this Easter, I made these cakes - remember?

One went to my oldest nephew, whose family was staying with my Mum and Dad.  Everybody ate some of it, but when they got up the next day and looked for the rest - the cake was there, and the candy was there, but the bunny peeps were mysteriously gone.

I also had about thirty bunny peeps left over, and my sister, who doesn't like carrot cake, had asked that I save them for her.  She loves peeps!

Well, they also mysteriously vanished.  Turns out, my Mum has discovered that SHE loves peeps, too.  This is the first year she ever ate any.  The ones at my house had gotten a tiny bit stale, and she says she likes them even better that way.

Weird mother - and this is a lady who will take the food off her own plate to give to someone who wants it - but she was absolutely, 100% unapologetic about eating all the peeps!

So here's how I finished up the bunnies, and the trim I bought for making them into a cushion, a cube, or a flatfold - haven't decided which:

And they will be presented to my Mum on her birthday :D  She will LOVE this and laugh like a lunatic!

Lastly, a start.  I have three nephews - 12, 6, and 2 - and they all are obsessed with Lego!  So I bought this alphabet on etsy:

And I have started the first of three names to be stitched in Lego blocks :D  There is a truckload of backstitch in these and I will be doing it as I go along :D  I'm stitching it on white 18 count.

So, two 'purse' projects done and two more to take their place.  Yay!

And now, I go back to my regular rotation, because I don't have any double shifts for at least the next two weeks (I hope).


  1. Great finishes and what a funny story about your Mother! I love that Lego alphabet too, great idea and start.

  2. Congratulations on the finishes! I really like that Lego alphabet. My daughter and granddaughter are both crazy about legos.

  3. Wow you've made some serious progress! LOVE the bunny story! Your mom will love that. Bucilla is the brand that I can't locate anymore. Did they go out of business or something? That was the one where there wasn't enough floss in the kit and I did a poor job of trying to match it with DMC.

    1. I'm not sure if they are out of business or not - I know you can still occasionally buy their kits at WalMart. I started to get the 'Footprints' poem kit the other day and talked myself out of it XD There's a conversion chart here
      that might help?

  4. That's sooo hilarious! Your mom will definitely enjoy those cute bunnies, just don't eat them, lol. Congrats on the lovely finish. Love the Lego design, been a Lego fan too in younger years;)

  5. Congratulations on the finishes, Tama! Oh, that's too funny about the peeps, and I love the question from the bunnies. That Lego chart is neat; have fun with your new projects :-)

  6. Congrats on the great finish Tama. I love the Peep story. Your mom will really enjoy that saying. The alphabet chart is great.


  7. Love your bunny story lol. You should take a video when you give it to her. Great finish and progress!

  8. Two great finishes, the bunnies are cute!!!

  9. Great post! Congrats on completing a Great Light it's lovely. I hope you stitch Guardian Angel next I really love that one. I also really really love your cakes! Yummm!
    xo Alicia