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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wufei, and a Silly Dilemma

So, the 10th's project change meant I picked up my pattern of Chang WuFei.  I think I haven't worked on him since... March?  I think.

Anyway, I barely got anything done.  :C   I had a double shift on the 10th, the 13th and the 14th, and so he was sadly neglected.  Here he was then - I neglected to take a wide shot:

And here he is now:

And here is something I wasted about a half hour on - I made a copy of his pattern (I created the original myself, in PCStitch) and then used a green floss color to block out everything I had already stitched because I was having trouble, for some reason, working out what was his sleeve and what was his torso.  The only bit I forgot was the edge of yellow that outlines his other shoulder.  Anyway, here is a green alien head XD

And the regular pattern picture for comparison:

The reason I wanted to know is that I've made myself a small goal on this, and won't mind a bit if I don't make it - I want to get his torso done by the end of the year.  Then I'll just have his arm, wristband, and hand left.  I'm not pushing for a finish with him - I've got too many Christmas Prezzie ideas.

Now to kinda change the subject - I have a rotation dilemma.  Normally I would pick a new big project to work on today, but I have already pulled a double shift on one job and have to go to my other job for a few hours this evening.  I have doubles tomorrow and Friday, and a single shift on Saturday, then about four hours on my other job, again, on Sunday. (bleh, I want a vacation!)  So anything I pick is not going to get much love.

On the other hand, I finished up the last full-stitch color on 'The Great Light':

Cream - it's only on the path.  I've already started backstitching and finished off the church and part of the words at work today.  This gave me a bit of inspiration - what I was thinking of doing was taking a break from my rotation and trying to polish off this and the bunnies, and maybe another small project.  What do you guys think?

And then on the 20th I would pick up a big project again.


  1. Well these little projects give us the instant gratification we can't get from doing the larger ones that take months. So you slip in a couple small ones so that you feel like you've accomplished something. At least that's how it is with me.

  2. I say go for the finishes! You've made good progress on him.

  3. Awesome progress on both pieces Tama. I think that sounds like a great idea this week for your roataion.


  4. That sounds like a great plan.

  5. I think that idea sounds great. This way you will have a couple of happy dances even though you are working. Then when you do pick up one of your big projects, you will feel more accomplished.

  6. Great progress! Wish we all have extended vacations so we can stitch the day away, lol.

  7. Do what makes you feel best, so if you feel like you want to push on and finish it, go for it!

  8. I think finishes are good for morale! Just be sure to discipline yourself back to the rotation maybe?

    Enjoyed your alien Wufei haha.

  9. 'The great light' is soo lovely:) I have just read your latest posts and the stash you have collected lately is quite impressive:) It'll keep you busy for a very, very, very long time...ha ha! I wonder why we cross stitchers just cannot stop getting more, and more, and more stash...???