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Monday, August 10, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I ended up working double shifts again, after I was promised that I wouldn't have to do any more.  So from the 3rd to the 9th, I had very little stitching time.

Which completely sucked.  :C   Bleh.

But I did get a little done, so here we go!

On the 1st, I had picked up a UFO.  I was fooling myself that it was a WIP, but a bit of research showed me I haven't worked on it since 2010, so yup - it's a UFO.

Mirabilia's Archangel:

Which did look like this - and I totally remember why I put him away.  That one-over-one on 32ct skin!

Working on HAEDs made this a little easier - it's still much tinier than my HAED projects but I got his hand done, at least :D

And some scroll.  So yay!  Progress on a very old project!  I didn't do any of his metallic yet because I remember needing Thread Heaven for it and I had to order some.  Let me just say that the colors do not do this project justice - they are beautiful rich greens and blues, not the drab olive and dull blue they look like here.  I'll try better lighting next time.

Then on the 5th I picked my Snappers back up.  I had gotten to here:

And made some joke about only getting the suitcase done next time.  Well, it turned out to not be a joke.  I only got the suitcase done.

Still happy with it, though - it is now halfway, border and all :D  Please pardon the big ol' hoop mark!

And this one was not in my rotation plans but there was one day I was just too tired to work on Archangel's over-one skin and so I picked up my China kit and finished off part one - it is the partially-stitched kit, which is divided into several parts, like so:

And here is part one done (a little flash-burned).  

The words and the first crane.  Part two is the single little crane so it will be finished quick.  I'm really looking forward to getting this done so I can see how well the ink really does wash out!  (Also, I may put a little backstitch in the crane's wing.  The camera flash washes it out a little, but it does lack some definition, in my opinion.)


  1. It's funny with stitching, I'll look at a small section and think, oh I can get that done in an hour. Yeah....not quite! I was watching Shawshank the other day and stitching and boy did I make a counting blunder. I had to rip it all out yesterday and fix it. I can't wait to see your finished product with the monthly project and the Chinese one! You are brave to do one-over-one. I will never work on even weave or linen again.

    1. Yeah, ripping out is no fun :C I really don't like linen but evenweave is okay for me. The linen has too many slubs but this was such a pretty color I couldn't resist. I need to take a big picture to get the color variation in.

  2. Nice progress on the WIPs/UFOs in your rotation.

  3. I love your "little bit of stitching"! Looks like my "lot of stitching" :-) Wonderful progress on everything, Tama :-)

  4. Oh, forgot to say THANK YOU for watching my Floss Tube videos and your sweet comments :-)

  5. The over 1 skin looks SOOOOO amazing though. Other projects are looking great too. :D

  6. Awesome progress on all of them Tama. I really like the snappers.


  7. Great progress on your "UFO" it does look very intricate, but knowing you do HAEDs it must be a breeze (that's why I have not dared...yet, lol). Absolutely adore Snappers! Your China kit looks interesting. Did u know bec u I just started browsing aliexpress for cross stitch. Thanks..for making my wishlist longer, haha.

  8. Congrats on picking up a UFO and accomplishing some decent work. 1 over 1 on 32 count.. yikes! But it does look amazing.