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Monday, August 24, 2015

Two Project Updates :D

I've been such a bad blogger, I know!

But I am sticking with my rotation so here you go with two projects - I have another but I will show it tomorrow.

On the tenth, I knew I had some days of double shifts ahead of me even though I was promised no more (the things I do for a bigger paycheck!) and so I chose an easy project that had been riding around in my purse.

It is the first name that I'm doing in the Lego Block alphabet.  Here's where it was on the 10th:

I was worried that since I changed the width of the piece that I might have to fiddle with the border, so I worked over to the right side without finishing the letters.  Then I took my marker and did some counting:

Works out perfect :D  Here's where I finished up on the 14th - close to halfway done.  I would say more than halfway done, but there's a huge amount of backstitching in this, obviously!

Two letters, the border blocks, and a metric ton of backstitch to go!  This is a really fun, easy piece - all bright colors and the pattern is easy to work with and most of the time you barely have to look at it.

On the 15th, I got out my HAED, Unspoken.  Here's where he was last time:

And I finished up those two columns and started the confetti of the next two.  It's only about six colors, but they are scattered and random.  Once I get that done, the fill-in of the Winter White is easy-peasy, mindless stitching.  I'm pretty sure I'll have a page finish when this gets its next turn!

And on the 20th, I started a new project and finished it up today!  I will show it tomorrow :D


  1. A Lego block alphabet, how cool is that. Very nice progress.

  2. I love the LEGO one but I can see where the back stitching is going to take time if you have to outline each brick. Gah!

  3. Love the colors of Lego. Great progress on your HAED, at least you don't have backstitching on that one:)

  4. The lego alphabet is so cute! The back stitching looks like a lot of work but sure makes the piece. Someone will love that piece.

  5. Awesome progress, Tama! The Lego chart is really cute. Unspoken is really coming along. Looking forward to seeing your finish!

  6. Great progress on both pieces. The lego alphabet is a cute idea.

  7. That lego block alphabet is awesome!

  8. Nice work on everything and I'm glad your fabric worked for the Lego piece.

  9. Great progress! I can't imagine all that backstitching though!

  10. Wonderful progress Tama. I love to backstitch.


  11. great progress on both of your wips
    never saw lego pattens yet :)
    love your pepper also, so funny congrats on that finish
    greetings from holland