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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Love, a Cowboy, a SAL and Maybe a Start?

I misplaced (I have no idea how) the project that was going around in my purse with me, so I got out an old kit to work on.  It's 'Love, Love, Love' by Charmin' Kits.  I am stitching it 'love-row' at a time - here's where it was:

And here it is now:

There's only one row to go - it's the biggest one, though, but I think I can do it pretty quick.  I think.  It's the word 'Love' in rainbow colors.  I think I could make this my first finish of 2016 :D

For my rotation turn - my Cowboy!  The kit is called 'Acquainted with the Night', and is a very old kit by Design Works.  Here is where I was:

I was struck by the sudden need to stitch a horse, and so I did:

I almost finished its shadow, too :D  A little more of the background around it, then I'm going to start the backstitching.  The colors look so weird up close but from a distance, they look like the horse and rider are outlined in light from the golden setting sun.  It's gorgeous, but I'm not sure the picture conveys it.  Ah, well.

I'm a member of a facebook group called Stitch Maynia; I love to read the posts but I never post anything.  I'm a lurker!  But they do monthly stitch alongs with easy rules - just stitch on something that matches the theme!  For March, they have 'It's Not Easy Being Green' where all you need is a project with green in it.  I have another small kit that will be for either my Mum or my sibling, both of whom love daisies:

It's barely started, but would make a nice gift, so I joined the SAL to give it a bump :D  I'll be taking it to work with me in March, along with 'Love, Love, Love' - I'll have a purse rotation, lol!!!  Here's where it is:

If I don't get it done, April's SAL on the group is 'April Showers Bring May Flowers', so I can just keep right on going with the same thing :D :D :D

Finally - I've seen on a few Flosstube videos and stitchy blogs that some people are starting a new project on Leap Year Day... that had not occurred to me but I'm very tempted to do it!  Just a sudden, impulsive start of anything I want!  I'll post tomorrow if I decide to take the plunge!!!

Happy Stitching!



  1. You've been busy! I love the cowboy - can't wait to see your progress on that one:) I love the sound of the leap year start...maybe I should look through my kits and see what LEAPS out at me lol!

  2. Lovely stitching - you've got some pretty projects on the go! Looking forward to seeing what you start today.

  3. I'm going to have to join that facebook group! You've done so much on the Love and Cowboy too!

  4. PS Friend me on FB! Name is Joanne Earle.

  5. Love all your projects Tama. You made great progress on them. The horse looks really good.


  6. I have been thinking it is a great day for a new start. Thank you for the suggestion. I really like your cowboy.

  7. They're all so pretty. I stepped away from my screen to look at the cowboy from a distance and it's just glorious - I totally see why you like it!

  8. Love the horse!! Fantastic work. Nice progress on everything.