My Huge Work in Progress List!


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Two More!

Hi guys!

So for May I thought I'd try just one project - ONE - because I need to do a fairly intricate baby layette, too. So I'm working on 'My Day Off' and getting nowhere fast.  I'll show you guys my progress at the end of the month.  Meanwhile, I don't think you've seen these two finishes!

'Portrait of Christ' and the Bent Creek Snappers both got done and framed while I wasn't posting. The Snappers aren't actually fastened in the frame yet - they were a present for my Mum and while I was waiting for some framing supplies to come in, she absconded with it and I haven't gotten around to stealing it back to frame properly 😁😁😁

Also, first post from a phone so I hope it looks o.k.

Back soon!