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Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Patchy Puppy Pillow

Here is my Princess-Puppy with some of her pillow done. It's patchy 'cause I skipped around a lot, working most of the light red first. She's getting sooooooooo close to being done! I can't wait to backstitch her.
Also - I have reached 1000 stitches on Spike!
Well, technically 1034, but I got wrapped up in something and forgot to count... x_X
So, anyway, here he is - a lovely dark green, block!
This makes him 10% done! All in a month! For me, that's utterly amazing! I'm so fickle, and I skip around on projects so much.
*happy sigh*

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  1. Hi, thanx for dropping by. I enjoyed going through your blog. Princess Puppy looks cute.

    By the way, I got my silks directly from Vikki herself. Here's the link you asked for:

    I've added you to my Google Reader so be sure I'll be dropping by again. :)