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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Different Project

I haven't been cross stitching for the last few days - I've been involved with a different project!
A local food pantry has been planning a fund raiser; selling quilts to make some much needed repairs on their building.
This food pantry/food bank - whichever you would call it - feeds over 120 families twice a month, for free, in our area. They give them a huge box of food every two weeks! Since it is a private organization, they screen to make sure the families are really in need, and not pretending. That's a problem in this region. A lot of food banks have shut down because they couldn't get donations because everyone knew the people going there for free food didn't really need it.
Anyway! To the point!
I've been working with some other ladies, getting some really cute basic quilts ready for sale!
The prices will be really, really low, believe me!
I hope no one minds, but I volunteered to put some on my blog for sale. If that doesn't interest you, just ignore them, okay?
Look for some in the morning and a few later tomorrow!

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