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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Starts and Shopping

Sometime on Sunday, it dawned on me that it's October now.
Okay, I knew it was October, so it dawned on me that it's gift-time-October. As in, my mother's birthday is this month (the 27th) and Christmas is less than 3 months away.
So, out goes the old rotation - except for Mulberry Tree Sampler, I'm keeping that one in - and in comes the gotta-get-these-done! gift rotation.
So, without further ado:

This is going to be my mother's birthday gift. It's called 'Creation' and is from a pattern book called 'Beloved Bible Stories'. (not affilliated with site, and have yet to order from them. Just the best link I could find) They're all very primitive looking, which she really likes. And the colors will look good in her house, too.

This will be my sister and BIL's gift. It's a claddagh, or it will be. I'm stitching it on 22ct with ecru thread. It will probably be made into a pillow. It was a freebie pattern I found somewhere. I'll try to remember where.
Those are the only two new starts I've done so far. I still need to start my Dad's gift and my brother's gift, a possible one for my brother's girlfriend, and some sort of toy for my probably soon-to-be nephew. My mum's gift will be 'Going to Market', or the next of the samplers if it looks like I won't get that one done in time.

Now - for the shopping!
I live in a very rural area - as in, it's over an hour and a half drive to get to a Wal-Mart. If that's not rural, I don't know what is! So for buying floss, I usually order online. But it just so happened that Monday, my brother was going to the last of the big-time flea markets before cold weather moves in, so I went with him. Why? Yeah, I like flea markets, though I don't usually spend much, but there's a JoAnn's about half an hour from there! Whee!
So we left the house at 7am (shudder - not a morning person!) and got home at 11:30 that night.
But I got almost 100 skeins of floss for .29 apiece, several pieces of fabric that I want to experiment with dyeing, a skein of pearle cotton that I need for my dad's gift, a bead nabber, some needles, Thread Heaven, and this lovely kit that was on clearance:

So, despite the disgustingly early start (for me, anyway, I'm used to working evenings!) it was a pretty good day! I also spent about $10 at the flea market. No stitchy-stuff, though.


  1. Great starts Tama!

    Wow! I would love to go to a flea market. I have not been to one yet. I've never even been to a garage sale cuz everytime i mention itto hubby he would go like "why do you want things from a GARBAGE sale?" LOL

    Love your new kit loot. I have been to a joann's here and they hardly have any x-stitch items. I think i whouls visit the bigger one near wal-mart and see if they have a better aisle. =)

  2. Congrats on all of your new goodies! Sounds like so much fun. I really need to clear off my stitching corner and get back to it, now that the weather is cooling off and my stitching spot isn't too terribly hot.

  3. Lovely starts...and great stash. Good price on the floss.
    All of your choices for the gifts are great. Good Luck on the goals!