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Monday, December 8, 2008

Looking for Patterns!

I was web-browsing instead of stitching the other day (^___^) and I saw these patterns on someone's personal cross stitch site.
Sadly, it was in a language I don't read (I don't even know what language it was!) so I was hoping someone would know where I might find them?

I thought this one was Dimensions 'Elegance of the Orient' at first, but then I looked to be sure, and it isn't. Very similar, but Elegance isn't holding a parasol.

No clue at all as to this one:

Or this one:
**Edit** - found this one! Dimensions 'Splendor of the Orient'!
This one had a name after it that started with a 'V'. I thought I'd saved it, but apparently I didn't. **EDIT** It was Vervaco (thanks Sharon!) but I still don't know the name of the pattern.
If anybody can help, I'd really appreciate it!!!
Hope to post a finish, or at least a major update, tomorrow!!!


  1. The African lady is a pattern by Vervaco I believe. I haven't seen that one before-but I have seen a couple that are similar that you can find at the following links

    Hope that will help some.

  2. Hope you find out where all those patterns come from - they're beautiful.