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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Finishes!

I finished some stuff!
(don't go into shock!)
First, my sister's wedding sampler. It's 'Fantasy Wedding Blessing' from Dragon Dreams, with the changes she wanted. Purple flowers, blue-sky fabric, and little dragons at the bottom.

Finished size: I didn't measure; about 7 x 13, something like that.
Fabric: some aida I dyed myself.
the little dragons at the bottom are the DD freebie 'Christmyth Wyvern', (his head only) with the colors my sister wanted. I'll scan them for a better look when I get my scanner working again.

Also, I've made some aprons for Christmas gifts:

I think the butterfly one is my favorite; it has two tall skinny pockets instead of two square or one rectangle. The aprons look a little odd, I guess, but it's just the way they're laying. None of them are actually deformed (like that top poinsetta apron... >.<)


  1. I just LOVE the little dragons that you added to the bottom and the fabric is simply gorgeous! What fun to see that design adapted by every creative stitcher that puts time and effort into such a lovely gift!
    Happy Holidays!
    Jennifer at Dragon Dreams

  2. Beautiful sampler! And I love your festive aprons. :)

  3. Your sampler looks wonderful and i so love the fabric you have used for it.
    Well done on the aprons, all looks great.

  4. Fantasy Wedding Blessing looks fantastic!

    Great aprons!

  5. Congrats on the sampler finish! I love Dragon Dreams designs. The aida you died for the project looks amazing. A beautiful gift for your sister. :)

  6. The sampler is beautiful. I really like your aprons, one day I will have to attempt one myself.