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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Almost Finished!

Thanks for the nice compliments on the last post; here's a bit more progress!

I'm nearly done with Cold Hands, Warm Heart! I scanned this early this morning, so I actually have more done now, too. I finished filling in the little heart on the snowman and got some more of the big heart done. I want to finish this by Saturday. The only thing that might slow me down is that I can't decide about one part of the design - there are two little birds on either side of the red heart at the bottom - one blue with white and one white with blue.
I'm not sure I want them to be blue and white. I'm thinking of blue and pink for one and some completly different combination for the other. I dunno.

Here's my progress on my Retro January Kat. Cute, no? His eyes will be green beads.
And my other project I'm working on a little, Chang WuFei. I made this pattern myself; he's a character from the anime Gundam Wing. I laid out the pattern to show how much I still have to do. Nothing on a HAED, but good practice for one, yes? :D

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  1. Those are both cute but I love that snowman. Great progress on both!