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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals in Pictures

Alternate Title: I Was Playing With My New Camera
I didn't stick to my 2009 goals very much, so I thought I'd try again this year.
These are the major WIPs that I'd like to finish:

From left to rights, starting at the top, they are 'Going to Market', 'Frederick the Literate', 'Brinkerhoff Home', 'Archangel', 'Angel of Grace' and 'Spike'.
This is the next Bucilla Christmas kit I'll be stitching (I let my Mum pick from the four I have left):

These are some ornaments that I've had stuffed in a drawer forever and I decided I I want to stitch this year:

I have one more already started that I forgot to take a picture of. It's a snowman with a birdhouse.

Let's see... also, I joined the Bride's Tree SAL.

I want to stitch one motif on 'Mary Wigham' each month.

I also want to finish the 'Mermaid of the Deep SK' freebie SAL at HAED.

Here's my start:

I'm not going to list what I want to start! Plus I'd also like to finish my DB & SIL's wedding sampler. It's barely started, not much worth a pic yet.

Hope you're all having a fun New Year's Day! Or at least a quiet, peaceful one :D


  1. Great start on your HAED!
    I greatly neglected a lot of my UFOs this year. Most of them actually :(

  2. Happy New Year!

    LOL I love your alternate post title! You've got some ambitious goals this year! Good luck!