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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Progress and Loot!

I went to Georgia to visit my brother.

I took 'Going to Market' with me, and although I completely lost track of the hours, I have reached the halfway point! It is now a little over 50% done!

I think I'll be able to finish it in February if I keep my focus. The only iffy bit is that it is really easy, at least for me, to miscount the background stitches.

I also got to go to Hobby Lobby while I was there - such a treat - there is no LNS here, and the only place that sells floss, Joann's, is about 2 hours away.

I got 77 skiens of DMC, a 30x36 piece of fabric for a HAED, and these:

This kit my mother and grandmother both really admired when they saw it in a catalog, and since it has the DMC colors listed, I may make it twice. It's fairly simple - mostly solid blocks of stitching. It was only on clearance because the bottom of the plastic had been stretched out oddly; everything was in it and otherwise undamaged, so I grabbed it :D

The big hooks are N, K, and M - I usually don't buy Susan Bates hooks, but I've never yet seen a Boye sized M. A friend bought me a pack of knitting needles that had sixteen in it - sets of four for sock knitting - but no way to tell what size they were, so I got a needle-sizer while I could! And the sock yarn was on clearance, too - that was the last color of that type they had left so I may make short socks! I'd hate to run out on a first pair... XD
I'm hoping the needleholder cards will help with the HAEDS and the horsehair banding was on clearance for .25 cents each. I wish they'd had more than two left!
and then we went to a place called Hancock's Fabrics - I was disappointed that their cross stitch floss wasn't DMC or Anchor, and their kits were priced way above my budget, but they had the expensive in-the-drawer McCall's patterns on sale for 5 for $5. Limit 5, or I would have bought soooo many! My sister and I like to make old-style clothes, so I nabbed these:

So it was a good trip - I got to see my brother, made good progress on a project, and I got some good stash!
So now I'm working on Mary Wigham! If I finish the motif and then get another hour or so on the HAED freebie, I'll have met my January goals. Yay!

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  1. Going to Market is shaping up nicely and wow! you have acquired some nice stash.