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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The End of January Goals!

It's snowing here and it's reallllllly cold - good stitching weather, right?

We've got about 8 inches and should have 10 by morning. I actually kinda like this if the power stays on.

I've had enough of no-power time to last the rest of my life, thank you :D

Here's my Mary Wigham - I finished the 7th & 8th motifs:

The 'thistle' and the tiny yellow one - it was so small I decided to go ahead and do it, and get a big one done in February. I also stitched two more initials and a bit of fancier set of initials below the thistle - they have little pink & white motifs around them. I haven't decided whose initials will go there yet, though. The 'AC' is for my paternal grandmother (maiden name) and the 'WR' actually covers both grandfathers - they had the same initals.

I've made it past five hours on Mermaid of the Deep although she's still just a blue/black blob. I did get the rest of my colors, but I haven't actually reached them yet. I want to get the black and Navy blue done first. I've only done a few stitches of one other color. Blue, of course.

And since I got both of my last two goals done, I pulled out my little dolphin kit. It has a mistake somewhere in those two last dolphins and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is, or they would be done, too. Ah, well, at least it got a little attention. I didn't list 'work on a UFO' in my goals but I'm glad I had some time to do it!

Now to plot out my February goals - They're going to look a lot like January's but I feel the call to start that kit in my last post... must resist!
Happy Stitching, all!


  1. I didn't know you are stitching Mary W., it is looking beautiful.
    Very good progress on the other two as well.

  2. You've got three great and different projects on the go! They are all looking great. I did a similar Dolphin piece once years ago!