My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Black, Black, Black...

I got lots of the black done on Spike - I didn't even work on any of the other colors for a while. I have now, but it was after I took this pic. I'm hoping to show him off finished, soon :D

Here's my latest Bride's Tree ornie - this one was for May or June... the theme was 'Birds'. The next theme I'll be doing is 'Fish', but I haven't found any small fish design that I like yet.

And here's my start on the July-December SAL at HAED - 'SK Sunny' by Myka Jelina. Once again, she will be for my sister when she's done. She's much bigger than the Mermaid that I'm working on; wider and a whole lot taller.

I'm trying out gridding for the first time with her! I can't remember where I saw this style of gridding explained, but it's supposed to pull out very easily. I didn't have the nerve to actually mark the fabric with dressmaker's markers like some people do; her skin is all stitched with B5200 and with my luck it wouldn't fade and would show through forever. Here's what she'll look like done:


  1. I love your Spike!! Its awesome!! Also, I always use griding, I've found that Its so hard to stitch w/out it. Your other pattern is awesome!!

  2. WOW! You have made a very good progress on Spike.
    Cute finish for the ornanment.

  3. You've got two hib projects on the go! Wow!

    That little hummingbird is cute!