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Monday, September 27, 2010


I got some :D

Winter's coming this way pretty fast - when you live in a very rural area like I do, it's a good thing to have plenty of projects for the days you're snowed in with the roads closed. Although I already have waaaaaaaaaay too much stash already, I couldn't resist Coupon Days at JoAnns to get a little more.
I get their online newsletter and the one in the mail, so I had a lot of 40% off coupons. Enough to make the 2 hour trip worthwhile. Not that I don't think it's worthwile, anyway, but convincing someone to go with me isn't always easy. (My father gets really worried when any of his daughters, or our mom, goes that far away on their own. Men!)

So here's what I got this trip:


The Rooster ended up being $6 with the coupon, and Leonardo was about $10.


Lots of floss for my HAEDs - I kit those up slowly. Also two other projects that I'll show starts on soon.


These will be a shawl with beaded fringe for my mother's Christmas present. The yarn actually matches the beads very nicely, but the camera makes it look grey.


And this is why you don't let a price-obsessed grandmother choose her own yarn and embellishments for her Christmas shawl. But I promised to work with what she chose, so I'll see what I can do. I don't think this lot came to even $10 total...

And this is for me:


I love this apron!

I also got some other yarns and some backing fabric for my ornaments, but I thought this was enough pics for one post!


  1. Looks like the trip was definitely worth it!!! You got some great stuff, and with the! savings!!! Very Nice!