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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

First, here's my Duo Sprite:


I noticed that Missy made Quatre's eyes blue, to match his 'real' eyes, so I decided to be all artistic and mess up her patterns by making all the Gundam pilots have eyes the color they are in the anime/fan sites. I went with the fangirl-popular Violet for Duo's eyes, though they really should be a more blue-violet color. (I just didn't have floss that matched XD ) Now I have to figure out which shade of DMC blue will match Heero's 'Prussian Blue' eyes... hmm...

and here's how far I got on 'God's Grace' before the subject of crocheted necklace pieces came up:


I'll show pics of the necklace pieces once they're off my shaping board.

I did start another stocking and stitch on Mary Wigham, but I'll show those when 1. The stocking is done, and 2. Mary's motif for this month is done - 'cause all I did was two little letters.

February Goals:

1. Finish 'God's Grace'
2. Finish Bent Creek's 'Mom'
3. Finish the shelf at the bottom of 'Frederick the Literate' over to where the books finish
4. Stitch another book if I have time.
5. Finish a stocking
6. Finish the Gundam pilot Sprites
7. Finish two necklaces for my sister

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  1. Oooh, the purple eyes look really cool! With Quatre, I'd gone with the blue so he'd look more like himself, but I think it'll look nifty on all of them, too. Duo shall be featured at the next Dork Stitch post, providing there's no protests! Regardless of that, though, I hope you can meet your goals for the month!