My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Tusal the Second!

My wee TUSAL jar, next to a bird-light-house.


Not much more, and it'll be even less when I squish it flat later.


  1. It looks like you got a lot done during the month!

  2. Hi and thanks for the comment on my Spring! This is how mine should look when finished Sorry for crappy picture, it's just a photo of the kit . But mine is called Spring in Japan and I know that demeter83 is stitching almost the same project but called Winter's Majesty

  3. Hi there, me again spamming your blog post! You asked where I found that pattern. Well I got it from the local craft shop. This variation of the picture I'm stitching is a kit sold by a bulgarian firm Milena style. And I did some research, the other variation is from Maia. But back then the one from Milena style was on a discount, so I chose it ^^""