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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Juliet Dress (almost done)

I still didn't get a very good picture of the Juliet dress - my house is just not bright enough, even in daytime with the lights on. And there was no way I was taking it outside!

Anyway, this is the original Juliet dress - remember?

My sister, The Goth Chick, fell in love with those sleeves. She just wanted the dress 'a little longer'.

Which eventually became floor length.

I was almost done when she asked how difficult it would be to make it flare out... sort of like this:

No problem, not really. Just some increases, I thought. Then I realized regular increases wouldn't work with the stitch pattern, so I made it into five evenly-spaced sort-of flares? I don't know how to describe it. Here's what they look like:

Then Goth-y asked me about adding a bit of a train, like this:

I told her I could, but not that long because it would get filthy and torn unless I made some sort of lining for it, and the stitch pattern for Juliet is not sturdy enough to attach a lining. So as of early this morning Juliet looked like this:

The Goth Chick wants it to flare out below her knees, which it does because I made her try it on so I could see where to start the train. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but it was too dim in my mum's house for pics, anyway. As of right now, I need two more rows to finish the train, then two more rows around the bottom of the whole skirt for the trim. Then...

It's done. And I will be so very happy.

And the Goth Chick will look like she's wearing this:

a la Morticia Addams.

And she'll be so very happy. I promise pics!


  1. It looks amazing already, Tama, and I can't wait to see it on Goth Chick! :D